The Bunglin’ Tinker: METAMORPHOSED TEES,  Upcycled Adornments (Booth)

Add pizzazz to your look with your expendable tees . . . not your wallet! These fun, breezy no-sew projects will illuminate the wonders & versatility of a humble tee. Psst. Helps reduce fashion wastage for our globe too!  Upcycled Adornments include  T-Shirt Scarf, T-Shirt Bracelet, T-Shirt Belt, T-Shirt Headband, T-Shirt Slippers. All materials and tools provided.

Pooja Makhijani: Portfolio! (Booth, workshop)

Make a beautiful, hardcover portfolio for holding stationery, a stamp collection, wall paper samples, or pressed flowers or for carrying drawings, sheet music, or photographs.

Ong Sze Sze: Otterly Fun with Clay – Add a touch of wildlife to your home with this otter making workshop! (Booth, Workshop)

Have you caught on the excitement with the increased sightings of wild otters in Singapore? While it’s illegal to keep a real otter as a pet, it’s way more fun to make your own pet otter.

Learn the basic concept of designing a character and crafting the idea out of clay. This is the perfect hands-on session to get started on clay crafting for young and old.

Little Craft Loft: Custom Cake Topper and Wooden Doll Making for Birthdays and Special Occasions (Workshop)

See your imagination come to life as you make your own custom cake topper and wooden dolls. Learn the basics in designing, crafting and painting cake toppers and wooden dolls. Have a delightful afternoon of hand-making goodness! All materials will be provided.

Xiaomi-Leathercraft (100% Handmade Leather Bag): (Booth)

Xiaomi the founder is a typical Kampung girl who had spent her childhood in the little mountain away from concrete jungle. Natural surrounding like waterfall, bird singing, dog barking and children laughter in these day younger generation can never experience but she had spent her 18 years growing up from the tranquil forest.

Dreams to reality when she had her 1st baby girl in year 2012. The exciting experience of the baby girl arrival has reminded of her childhood dream when at the age of 14, the same feeling she had when she make her first handmade bag from her old torn jeans.

It’s time she decided to continue her passion of making handbag, not from her old torn jeans anymore but genuine leather, that’s the story began of Xiaomi’s Handmade Leather Bag.

Davy YOUNG Pak Nang: Leaves with Memories (Booth)

I will be selling fine hand-crafted ceramic leaves.  These are suitable for ornamental and functional purposes.

Each ceramic leaf is pressed from a real natural leaf onto a thin slab of fine white clay, then fired in a kiln at 1,000 degrees Celsius.  The fired piece is then glazed in tones of green and/or brown, then fired a second time at 1,2000 degrees.

Each leaf is unique, and no two pieces of the finished product are ever identical.

Production is carried out in small batches of about 20 leaves at a time.

Hang Li Kheng: Hangmade by Gladys (Booth)

Self made fabric craft items such as bags, stuffed toys,
cases, cushions, cushion covers and others.
Connect with Gladys:

Priyanka Gupta: Just Love Crafts (Booth, Workshop)

Handmade crafts such as greeting cards, photo frames, tealight candle holders, Jewellery made from paper and other natural materials.
Everything will be handmade and OOAK.
All my products are handmade in Singapore and ecofriendly.

Barangshop (Booth, Workshop)

Love bags or shoes? Want to know to how make them? Join our workshops and you’ll get to learn to make a leather card wallet or even a mini shoe!

Connect With Barangshop ,

Tay Swee Siong: Clay Modelling Character Design (Booth, Workshop)

This exhibition is a showcase of scale model character designs using clay as a sculpting medium. The exhibition will demonstrate to the public how a figurine character can be sculpted by showing the tools and techniques used. The objective of this exhibition is to increase public appreciation and nurture more local talents in the genres of scale modelling, figurines, 3D illustration in Singapore.

Benjamin Tan: Crafts of Origami (Booth)

Have you ever wonder what models can be made by folding sheets of paper?

Connect with Benjamin:

Joyce Lim: Introduction to Tatting (Booth, workshop, presentation)

Learn to make handmade lace and expand your creativity. Don’t let technological advancement kill our creative life.

Connect with Joyce:

David Liew: Steampunk art and other Strangeness (Booth, Workshop)

David Liew is a model-maker, animator and children’s book illustrator.  Working with things he finds around him in his daily life, he gives them a new lease of life as artwork

Connect with David:

Tang Zhi Jie: Photography (Booth)

A Photography exhibition by Jordan’s Photography which mainly focus on Landscape & Urban Architecture photography.

Connect with Jordan:

Sew Fun! @ Art Loft: A craft initiative (Booth)

Drop by to experience how electronics and textiles can be combined

Zheng Hao Choo: The Green Club Project: Making your own JUGGLING props using recycled material (Booth, Presentation)

The unique skill of juggling and circus arts can sometimes limited by the cost of the props required. In order to reduce this limitation, the Green Club Project was started by the Bornfire Community Circus to create a large number of juggling clubs at reasonable costs. Come have a look at our DIY props, and try your hand at making them, or just learning some circus skills!

Presentation description: Juggling: a physically and intellectually demanding skill which happens to be strangely addictive too. Learn how juggling as a hobby has evolved over the last few decades with the pervasive reach of the Internet. Take a look how social media has radically changed this obscure hobby into a global interactive community.


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