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Otterly fun with Clay
26th July 2014, 11am, 27th July 2014, 11.45am

Learn the basics of designing cute characters and crafting the idea out of clay. In this session we will make an otter and other creatures. This is the perfect hands-on session to get started on clay crafting for young and old. All materials will be supplied.$10/ participant, Suitable for young children. Register at pay on site.

Clay modelling and character design
26th July 2014, 12.45pm

This aim of workshop is to introduce practical clay modelling as a medium of artistic expression to the public. At the end of the workshop, the participant is able to sculpt a human form character design in clay. $10 per person. Register at

Introduction to Tatting
26th July, 1.45pm, 27th July, 1.30pm

Tatting, is also known as shuttle lace. It involves the use of thread and shuttle to form knots to produce delicate laces. Olden day tatting was used to adorn clothings and hats. Modern day tatting has evolved to include the use of beads to create interesting effects and enhance design on dollies, edging for sleeves, scarves, tablecloth and towels, collars, bookmarks and jewellery like earrrings, necklaces, slave bracelets and ankle corsets. Beginners will start off with basic tatting techniques. Participants with basic tatting knowledge and wish to explore further are welcome. $35/ person. Register at

Paper Quilling: The fun way
26th July 2014, 4.30pm, 27th July 2014, 5.00pm

Learn the vibrant and versatile art of paper quilling in this fun filled hands- on workshop. Each participant will be making motifs such as hearts, flower and leaves, butterfly etc. which can be used to make your own greeting cards, gift tags, bookmarks etc. or can be used to decorate photo frames, gift boxes, stationery and all or simply convert to a piece of jewellery. $12/ participant Register at

Portfolio! Bookbinding
27th July, 2.45pm to 4.15pm

Pooja will run a workshop to create a cloth-covered portfolio for holding stationery, drawings, photographs and so forth, using luscious book cloth and beautiful Japanese Chiyogami papers. $15/ participant Register at

Return to the Imperial Space – More cosmic adventures in upcycled plastic bits
27th July, 4.30pm to 6.00pm

Using found plastic, objects such as bottle tops, drinks bottles and deconstructed toys, upcycle them into works of art. The Sleeping Iron Foundry returns to the Maker Faire for more cosmic adventures in upcycled plastic bits and pieces. $10/ pax. Register at

Custom Cake Topper
27th July 2014, 3.15pm

See your imagination come to life as you make your own custom cake topper and wooden dolls. Learn the basics in designing, crafting and painting cake toppers and wooden dolls. Have a delightful afternoon of hand-making goodness! All materials will be provided. $30/ pax. Register by leaving a message with Little Craft Loft.

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