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Tiny Electronics
26 July, 11.00am and 27th July 10.00am

Teaching kids the wonders and magic of electronics. To teach them the fundamentals of Electronics through basic breadboarding  using our cute tiny little electronic kits and also basic programming using the Arduino. Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn). $15 per child. Register via email with chessmasterg@gmail.com

Make your Own plant press
26th July, 2.45pm

Come and join us in this workshop, and you would learn not only how to align pieces of wood and drill holes but also how to press, dry and mount specimens. You would also pick up tips on leaf rubbing. Participants will get to bring back their very own plant press. In addition, a set of colour cards will be given to each participant, for them to further explore the art of leaf rubbing at home. Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents should accompany the child). $30/ parent child pair, inclusive of all materials. Register via https://www.regonline.sg/smmfWorkshops 

Make your own microscope from a Webcam
26th July, 4.30pm

Do you want to make and have your own microscope? Akbar from Hackteria will be teaching you the mechanics and the inner workings of making this microscope in the workshop. You can also buy the kit and make one yourself there! Join us and have fun playing with microscope! Suitable for children 8 and up (with parental accompaniment).  $25/ microscope, inclusive of all materials. Register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1cgWFZhVPvPvSf0afvcyzMlskrrJ9pkDd4-Ss3suLED4/viewform. Payment to be made on site.

Make a Roly Poly Toy
26th July, 6.15pm

Ever tried creating your very own toys using recycled materials? Come to “Make Your Own Roly-Poly” workshop at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014, where Mr Ng Pan Yew will show you how to make roly-polys! Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn). $8/ participant Register at http://www.haystakt.com/s/1795

Make your own Kaleidoscope
27th July, 11.45am

Mr Ng Pan Yew will show you how to make Kaleidoscopes! All participants will have the opportunity to put their hands-on skills into good use, make attractive kaleidoscopes, and keep the toys that they have made. Join Mr Ng Pan Yew in applying science concepts like reflection to making your own toys! Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn) $8/ participant. Register at http://www.haystakt.com/s/1796

Lights, Wands and Sensors
27th July, 1.45pm

Build a Wand – kids (and adults!) will be able to build an LED magic wand using just paper, paper clips, copper tape, an LED, battery, and lots of scotch tape. By building the wand, kids will learn simple concepts around what makes a circuit. Perform Magic – everyone could then take their wands, and by dipping them into 4 magic hats (equipped with light sensors), trigger different spectacles. The mapping between light sensors and interactive output was powered by our ConnectAnyThing prototype based on Galileo. Suitable for children 6 and up (Parents are welcome to sit-in and learn). Free. Register at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13s3iEXZBDH4dphpVP7uvM07lgmHPRZKV_hedo5C1cd8/viewform

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