How old do you have to be, to be a Maker? This year, our youngest Maker is six years old. Read on to find out more about what Singapore Youth are making and drop by at Maker Faire to be inspired to start your children on a Maker’s journey

Yee Chern

Yee Chern and his father will be showcasing some simple “weekend projects” that the children or teenagers can do using some common household items and tools mostly made by his children who are 13 and 14 years old. While you are at it, ask Yee Chern to tell you about the drill powered car he is making, and maybe you can ride on it!


Wonderful Makers:  Anjali Curic and Sophia Curic are sisters aged 8 and 6. The lovely duo who adore Making says: “We would like to share and teach pottery and book making, as well as some of the other Maker stuff that we do in our home Makerspace. People visiting our booth will learn how to make pottery using clay and a home made pottery wheel, gt some inspiration on how to make their own pottery wheel. They will also learn how to bind and make their own books.”

Commonwealth Secondary School

Commonwealth Secondary has embarked on Maker education as part of its curriculum. Besides 3D printed products from our Bits and Atoms students, our Secondary 1 Normal (Technical) students also designed and created soft toys which combines sewing with electronics. Students will present their works and what they have learnt in the process.

Nishant Verma

Nishant will be doing a hands-on with the learn electronics kit that he designed by himself. The E-blocks kit was designed by Nishant when he was 17. Read about how Nishant’s journey started as a Maker: “I would say it all started when I was six. I had this balsa wood airplane powered by a rubber propeller. It came with an electric winder to wind the propeller – a simple motor with a counter. Most unfortunately, the plane got crushed by the ginormous foot of an unidentified giant. So all I was left with was the winder. My father must have seen me distraught. He sat down with me and we took the winder apart with a saw and screwdriver. We then rewired it and soldered it, turning it into a table fan with the plane’s propeller as the fan blade. Since then I have been taking part every electronic device I could get my hands on. Television, microwaves, air-conditioning systems, telephones, and printers… nothing has been spared!”


Marsiling Secondary School

Arduino Timer Plug ,Tetra-Umbrella

Temasek Secondary school

Exciting projects through Learning in Fun & Engaging ways done by staff, students & even parents!

Singapore Polytecnic

The Singapore Polytechnic students – are exhibiting a variety of different activities such as LED Cube, Teddy alarm, Fewcloud automated 3d print service with cloud computing, Arduino Bluetooth smartwatchP.E.T (Personal bluetooth Transporter).


Sudharshan is a  student from NUS High School. He says: “My booth will feature all of NUS High School’s engineering projects. On of the projects features are the ORB-3d gaming mouse. This project is documented on my Hackaday page-( This is a 3D mouse that allows for more immersion while playing computer games like TF2. The second project is a TF2 sentry life scale model with autonomous targeting and shooting. It also comes with a semi-auto nerf gun which allows for it to shoot nerf darts at the target by activation the gun with a servo.”


SUTD Makers Two 3D printers will be displayed, built by Shi En and Samantha from SUTD

Gabriel Joachim Perumal A Electronics Workshop teaching kids the beauty and marvels of electronics and the secrets behind our evolving technology in the world.


ITE College East

“Arduino Club and MACE was formed by a group of  ITE students with interest in Electronics and Technology. Together with Lecturers, we developed various projects revolving around mobile devices. One of our first projects include hacking of RC Cars and controlling them with mobile phones. Subsequently, we built our own robots, equip them with weapon systems (catapults) and even built a battlefield to face off.

As our interest and knowledge in electronics and computer programming widen, we started developing mobile applications and mobile games. These include educational games for children and even Augmented Reality applications! We have also developed several Electronics projects, including projects for the “Assistive, Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Technology” competition jointly organised by the Singapore Therapeutic, Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies Centre and the Centre for Enabled Learning . .So visit us at our booth at Makers Fair, and we’ll gladly share with you the various projects we have done.

Singapore Homeschool

Homeschoolers exhibit their Science projects. Science craft bags also available for purchase of $2 each, with funds raised towards the Queenstown Library Community Garden.


Jurek will be teaming with his mom a the Curious Design Network. The mother – Son duo will encourage visitors to start their Maker journey by making a simple craft – personalize a notebook, mirror or treasure box.

Nanyang Girls High School

Italian Futurist LED flowers

Chong Zheng Primary School


An exhibit on CZPS Innokids creations such as the natural cooler prototype, organic scrub, recycled paper stress free bookmarks as well as the latest 2015 vintage toys creation.


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