kaleidoscope penguin roly poly

11th July: 12.30pm – 1.15pm
12th July: 11.30pm – 12.15pm
Cost: $10/ participant (Register)
Registration details will be available soon

Ever tried creating attractive kaleidoscopes using recycled materials? Building your own roly-poly from scratch? Or learning science concepts like magnetism whilst making your own origami penguin that functions like a compass? Head down to  “Build Your Own Kaleidoscope”,”Build Your Own Roly-Poly” or “Help Your Penguin Find Home” to find out how to do so! In these three workshops, trainer Mr Ng Pan Yew will show you how you can put your hands-on skills to good use.

At “Build Your Own Kaleidoscope”, not only will you get to build a kaleidoscope from scratch, but you will also have the opportunity to observe how science concepts like multi-light reflection come to life. As for “Build Your Own Roly-Poly”, you will get to relive your childhood moments by constructing your own roly-poly, and observe how science concepts like center of gravity work in our everyday lives. “Help Your Penguin Find Home” not only teaches you how to fold an origami penguin, but also shows you how science concepts like magnetic force can be applied to arts and crafts.

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