Intel is back for the fourth year as a sponsor of Maker Faire Singapore. And yes! the Intel booth will be all about some really cool Making that can be done with today’s technologies. In addition to visiting the Intel booth, be sure to attend the technical workshops on Edison on 11th July and SSG Maker toolkit for Edison on 12th July. The workshops are free, but do register as spaces are limited!

OmniRover – Nexus 3WD Edison-based “Training Robot”
3WD mobile robot kit with omniwheels with independent translation and rotation
Position sensors on motors (quadrature encoders) for precise motion control
Software stack based on Node.js
An on-board web server provides control and data telemetry over WiFi to any device
Other programming models can also be used, i.e. C/C++, Python, or Arduino
Modular Seeed Grove electronics
Easy expansion with additional Grove sensors and actuators
Secure Grove connectors allow assembly without soldering

Gabe II
Gabe II showcases a smart home automation gateway powered by the Intel Edison.
This project includes some cool features along with some IoT capabilities. One of the capabilities is “Smart Triggering” with, an open domain to upload your sensor data, view it and define rules to trigger events or alerts.
In addition Gabe II will demonstrate the performance of computer vision and learning on the Intel Edison with the car registration plate recognition / object detection demo.
Babel Fish – Edison Universal Translator
Universal Translator using Google Speech to Text and
Microsoft Translation APIs
Implement a simple universal language translator
Say “Good Morning” into the Mic, hear “Selamat Pagi” in the headset
Uses Intel Edison and standard USB Headset and Linux ALSA drivers. Learn about using Edison for internet connectivity and use of APIs
Move It – Intel RealSense SDK Demo
Demonstration of Intel Real Sense technology with
Kid’s friendly applications such as Madagascar and Lego Racers
Introduction : For control movement, usually either stepper motor or motor with encoder (Servo) are used. These solutions are expensive and complicated. Also, small size on wearable can be a challenge due to availability and cost. Edison offers high processing power and with low cost sensors(accelerometer etc.), this project will show on controlling simple DC motor using sensors as feedback on movement, allowing low cost small motor capability that can enable controlled mechanical movement on IOT and wearable.
For Makers Faire Singapore 2015, use Edison to control a DC motor robotic arm with sensors and link to WIFI.
Soy Lent Green
Introduction: Plants need to be watered regularly. Current automated systems are expensive and usually designed for large gardens. This is a fast self watering system using low cost sensors and inexpensive parts.
This project will show that plant care can be automated and is an enjoyable process.
For Maker Faire Singapore 2015. Use Edison to automatically water and maintain correct soil moisture for plants. The data of the watering frequency can be viewed from Edison webserver
Blue Ring Ring
Blue Ring Ring is a hand worn Bluetooth device with an OLED display, controlled by the Edison.
Blue Ring Ring pairs with hand phone or Bluetooth device. When SMS or a phone call comes in, a SMS alert or phone ring indication will be on display. It can be used in many places where there is the need to transmit information, such as office, gym, hotel, restaurants, etc. More applications can be added along with Bluetooth profiles.
LED Cube
This LED Cube is an 8x8x8 matrix of multicolor LEDs controlled by an Intel Galileo. It can be used to display 3D animations and can react to the music being played on a computer hooked up via USB.Each LED is controlled individually and can display several level of brightness, as well as thousands of colors

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