The rule of the session was “No teaching, Learn by Making”. Facilitators and volunteers walked around, giving suggestions to families as they worked together, encouraging them to build on their ideas, or simply sitting and working on their own projects.

During the first session that was held, Pop up Paper Crafts and Pull Tab Mechanism was the theme and families were to work on projects around it. But it was free and easy and they could work on anything they came up with. A few examples were first done to give a basic idea and to get them to start from somewhere. Materials like coloured paper, scissors, double sided tape, glue, pen knives and glue guns were provided. LED and batteries were also provided for those who wanted fuse both together and create something entirely new. Some families first started brainstorming on what type of pop up crafts or pull tabs could be done while others started off from the given templates like the Dog ears or the Butterfly. Families created their own idea and put it to test by working as a team and spending quality time together.

Here are a few examples that were done and shown to families before they started.


A pop up open book that can be transformed into a house.


A basic pop up idea that was done before the event for families to see and get their making started.


Dog ears that pop up when the tongue is pulled down, an example of pull tab mechanism. Lean how to do this HERE


A simple birthday card example that was shown to families, resembling building structure.


Frog pop up that can move its eyes and mouth when opened.You can learn how to do this HERE.


A sample house pop up card.


All the materials set up ready for the kids to start their new innovations!


After a short debrief, kids started putting their ideas to test and got to action with the items provided.

  Parents helped their kids brainstorm and prop them with new ideas by questioning and making them think more. Kids started crafting their ideas more and challenged themselves to do better too. Many parents started making with their kids and in the process helped their kids to create too. 1554430_842124679216426_1173433464776751148_n 11061706_842121812550046_5756121128740448861_n 20150607202226 20150607202226(2)


Some kids went to another level by combining LED with pop ups, by making the LEDs light up as the candles in birthday pop up card!



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