Making Toys and Games is one of four parent child workshops that Science Centre offers in collaboration with local makers. This year, we worked together with makers Kee Wee Teng, Sebastian Ong, Seok Tin, Elda Webb, Anjali and Sophia Curic and Gabriel Perumal to put together a session where parents and kids could work together and learn by Making

Kee Wee (Kiwi) is a maker enthusiast, who aims to contribute to the fourth industrial revolution by increasing access to open source hardware and its possibilities. While parents and kids attending the programme had a chance to build trebuchets, Kiwi also shared with families his personal journey as a maker and the value of making in learning


Annabel Tan is not new to the maker circle and also to the maker workshops that we do at Science Centre Singapore. She has charmed children and adults alike over the past years with her friendly manner and her polymer clay dolls. However, this time, it was not Annabel, but her son Sebastian who took the limelight, working with children and parents to make wire sculptures by bending, twirling and twisting wires. Sebastian’s station was complimented by Cultural medallion recipient Seok Tin Chng and Kim from iartSG, a social enterprise for artists with disabilities.

For us, it was also about creating an opportunity for parents and kids to learn from each other. A number of moms stepped in to teach their young children how to sew pieces of cloth together to make five stones.

We spoke to parents and children on their experience with the programme.

“When things werent working, we tried to troubleshoot first before asking for help. For instance, when our circuits failed because of bad contact in the copper tape, we tried to repair it”

“We learnt how to use our hands”




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