SUTD was the venue host of Maker Faire Singapore 2016, and one of the very valuable community partners to the programme. This year, the students and staff of SUTD are rallying full force to Maker Faire Singapore 2017, with a large number of workshops, stations and hands on activities

If you are dropping in on Saturday, 22nd July for the opening of Maker Faire, remember to catch the drone action!


The SUTD exhibits and hands on activities will be located at the Annexe Hall of Science Centre Singapore. The fablab mobile will be located at the Western entrance

SUTD Sunpla club:

RX-78 Gundam laser cut and assembled by students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design Gunpla Club. Check out the timelapse below

Air Q M by the VJC SUTD iOT makers

The “AirQ-M” is a mobile and wearable IoT device designed to collect real-time air quality and environmental data. The data to be collected include air quality parameters (PM 2.5, PM 10, etc), and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc. The AirQ-M utilizes wireless communication technologies such as BLE, WiFi, etc. to send the data to a smartphone. As the AirQ-M is small and inexpensive, it will be a useful participatory sensing (crowdsourcing) device to enable people to contribute real-time air quality and environmental data on the go.



We are a small group of SUTD graduates with a passion in hardware engineering and have started a new business with the aim of providing hardware engineering design services. Our current focus is in the educational sector, where we help teachers and professors to design, prototype and test lab kits or demonstration apparatus for use in classes or courses to improve the students’ learning experience. Our design methodology is largely based on our empathy in the learning experience and the importance of appearance and user experience. We want to showcase some of our completed projects to share how the maker culture can benefit education.

Omni- SMART motorcycle helmet

OMNi- is a smart motorcycle helmet that aims to empower motorcyclists to ride more defensively by providing them information that can potentially save their lives. It uses an augmented reality display to provide information to riders such as a video feed of the rear. Through computer vision, the helmet is also capable of alerting riders to potential collisions from errand road users. A GPS can also be displayed to the rider, reducing the need to constantly take their eyes off the road to look at their smartphone’s GPS.
In the event of a collision, an on-board collision detector will active a distress signal, alerting emergency services of a crash event, providing riders with much needed help in the shortest time possible, even if there is nobody at the scene of accident.


EMMA by Mobearlize is an add-on device to motorize manual wheelchairs. It aims to be adaptable to most wheelchairs, affordable and suitable for urban environments. It is designed mainly for elderly users. Manual wheelchair users now have an affordable option to go on longer adventures while still having a comfortable journey!

SUTD fablab


The SUTD fablab team will be at hand throughout the event, with continuous hands on activities. The fablab mobile – a transportable full fabrication facility equipped with a laser cutter and 3D printer will also be holding tours and demonstrations throughout the day.


Make your own Musical instrument with a 555 timer and basic electronics



The MusicMaster 5000M is a handbuilt instrument made from almost 100% recycled materials. It is based on the design of traditional 4 string Cigar Box Guitars. It has 3 pickups that allow it to be plugged in and amplified through a sound system. It has 2 single coil pickups made from recycled magnets and copper wire from various appliances. These use the interactions between the steel strings and the magnetic fields of the pickups to generate electrical signals. It also has a single piezo pickup in the body of the instrument that converts vibrations into electrical signals. All three pickups are then run through a transistor boost circuit to increase the output from the MusicMaster 5000M. Two switches on the top of the MusicMaster 5000M allow the player to change between different combinations of pickups to create different tones.

This project also includes a number of smaller projects to produce different types of audio:

Cataclysmic Codfish – Opamp-based overdrive effect pedal
Assimilative Anteater – Audio Compressor
Trevor’s Super Cute Boost – Dual JFET transistor boost pedal
Electrifyng Emu – Noise cancelling 9v power regulator

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