This is the third consequtive collaboration with the Early Childhood development agency to empower educators to develop tinkering and maker spaces in their childcare centres.

Being tinkerers, and in the spirit of the programme, we introduced two major updates to the programme this year.

Firstly, in addition to the on-site support and training, we are really excited to try the open source version of the canvas lms to introduce an e-learning component. It has not been  designed as a replacement for live training, but more as a repository for additional information as well as discussions and submissions.

The other major change was the brainstorming portion of the training. Where previously we gave the Teachers half an hour to brainstorm changes to their current curriculum, we incorporated the use of the knowledge cafe method this year to allow for richer conversation and sharing.

Both the new changes were received positively by the educators, especially the knowledge cafe component. Walking around,  it was a lot more meaningful for me as a facilitator to also have richer sharing with the Teachers. Here are some photos.

To find out more about the Creative curious tinkers programme for preschools at Science Centre Singapore, email

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