Lee Boon Kuey- Tiguu 3D (Workshop) : 

3D Printer Build Workshop. This is a 2 days 3D Printer Build Workshop with hands on build your own Tiguu3D Prusa i3. The complete kit is included in the workshop. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to purchase off the shelf 3d printer, attend our build workshop and understand the basic and requirements for 3d printing. Experiment, explore 3D printing and build the foundation for your 3D printing investing.

lee boon

Raymond Luo- Qwik Fab (Booth, Presentation) :

Qwikfab is a company founded by innovation and grounded by quality. QwikFab develops commercial large format 3D printers that has the trifecta of speed, quality and size and versatility to be able to print a variety of materials from de-facto PLA and ABS, to flexible elastomers, wood and many more experimental materials. QwikFab also offers 3D scanning, designing and printing services for your business, school or hobbyist needs. For more information visit qwikfab.com


Victor Lee – Makers United (Booth, Workshop) :

Several makers including 3Dlantis coming under the umbrella of Makers United, we wish to showcase how 3D scanning with the Structure sensor can spur creativity and lateral thinking by anybody both young and old. As part of our activity, we will do a 3D scanning tour of the Makerfaire and conduct a workshop for participants to explore the 3D scans, upload them onto the 3Dlantis online marketplace to showcase their creations.


Autodesk – (Booth, Workshop, Presentation) :

Make real life 3D models whatever you dream up by simply using your smartphones, tablets or desktops with awesome Autodesk softwares & mobile apps!





Shi En –  SUTD Makers (Booth) :

Two 3D printers will be displayed, built by Shi En and Samantha from SUTD

shi enshi en 4

Volunex Solutions Group (Booth) :

Volunex Solution Group consists of the following companies and makers: Volunex, 3Dspin, Mipox and Filalab. We provide one stop solutions for 3D Scanning and Printing, 3D Instant animation and Zoetrope, 3D Modelling and Caricature, PLA/ABS polishing and Robotic kits.Our solution group covers:

Instant Scan -> Print -> Play (Emulating Polaroid for the 3D printing world)

Instant Scan: Instant human portable/desktop.

Instant Print: Instant physical prints with our local manufactured and supported consumer based printing services. Display of 3D printed parts to support electronic and robotic projects.

Instant Play: Besides static printed selfie figurines for display, we are capturing intimate human motion in sequence for the young to the old for a legacy and memory to past down. This will instantly be animated in our portable/Desk animation machine known as 3DSpin.

Selfie in Motion and Fibonacci related 3dprinted animation will be on display. The awesome instant 3d animation of a fighter jet transformed into a robot right in front of your eyes will be on display too.

Mechanical 3D printed enhanced 2D/3D zeotropes will be on display for the young to create instant animation on the spot.

Not forgetting 3D prints available for the visitors to bring the full experience home too.

Volunex Solution Group


justprint3d.com is brought to you by SIMPLY ENGINEERING. Basically we are members from SG-RUG [ Singapore Reprap User Group ] and we have being making 3D printers since 2010.

SE (SIMPLY ENGINEERING) has being working on electronics projects for customer at small scale for the past few years. In 2013, I have decided to start justprint3d.com to enable as many people out there to be able to design and make their own printer. That is why we chose to sell the parts for the machine and not just a kit set. (We will also do BTO [Build To Order] service when possible.)

soon wei

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