Crafters breathe life into things that we use everyday by putting their hard work into handmade items. Join the crafters at Maker Faire Singapore who work with every material imaginable – paper, clay, fabric- to name a few and learn some tips and tricks on how these materials can be transformed by some simple magic – the magic of craft.


SoapLah Booth. Presentation.

Local artisanal crafters who create unique, all-natural face and body bars that pamper your skin. Each formula is designed from scratch, made with love and tested for different skin concerns. 100% natural soaps that are made with pure essential oils have helped many with their skin issues with great success.


Garypencaster Booth.

I`m a Pen designer & Handcraft all kinds of Pens. I will also be showcasing my pen-making equipment.

Gary Pencaster

UniQ Creations Workshop. Booth.

There will be a variety of crafts on exhibit: tatting, papercraft and clayart. Tatting is a form of handmade lace that can be made into gifts for all occassions, fashion accessories to complement your wardrobe, decorations to beautify your home or small motifs to adorn clothings. Papercraft includes various forms of cards, boxes, embellishments, pictures for framing and can even be combined with clayart to make gifts for family and friends.

I will be conducting tatting and clayart workshops as well as make and take for papercraft.

UniQ Creations

Handmade Singapore Community Booth.

Handmade Community SG is a Facebook community  of crafters of different disciplines. We are gathered together in the spirit of sharing and helping, as we look to synergize our different backgrounds, skills and networks to do something bigger than what any one individual can accomplish. We currently have 700 members, with more joining every day.

Art Lace Studio Booth.

When it comes to glass paint, we always think about painting on glass items. Yes, I do conventional painting on glass producing variety of such products like Tea-light holders, coasters, key chains, fridge magnets and glass beads. Using my own hand-painted glass beads I also do hand made jewellery. Going beyond, I create different types of flowers with wire wrapping technique and paint these flowers using glass paints. To name a few I have so far created Jasmine, Hibiscus, Sakura, Ixora and Frangipani. I use these hand made flowers to create our unique flower jewellery. I also create display pieces using these flowers. I also make hand painted accessories and create transparent glass like effect. My work includes all hand painted accessories and imaginative use of glass paints.

I will conduct glass painting workshops at my booth for adult and children above 6 years of age.

Art Lace (2)

Joy.Dream.Love Booth.

DIY pendent and rings using washer and also decorative magnets.


Ong Sze Sze Booth. Presentation.

This booth showcases a variety of handcrafted figures and customized toys inspired by daily observations, popular culture and issues. Some of these projects will feature iconic characters and structures of yesteryear. Drop by for other surprise projects.

Ong Sze Sze

Mia’s Wagon Booth.

Mia’s Wagon is a collection of pretty pieces created by the self-taught designer and crafter. Pieces are inspired from pretty fabrics, practicality (most of the time!) and trying to add a touch of beauty to people’s lives. My collection includes accessories, sewing and stamping projects. As they are handmade, they may not be perfect but there is beauty in imperfections!
I hope you will enjoy using them as I have enjoyed making them. ?

Mia's Wagon photo

Nanos Arte Workshop. Booth.

Nanos Arte is on the mission to explore overlooked treasure of kid’s doodles. They tell stories through unbelievable art scribbles, which get lost in recyclable papers over the period of time. At Nanos Arte we are giving them opportunity to give life to their imagination through t-shirts, tote bags, bean bags and keep them for their life.


Earth and Fire Clayworks Booth.

Discover and Connect with Clay. For those who create with clay, there is a deep connection with the feel of the clay and the fascination of the processes – watching the shape take form on the wheel or by hand building up to the firing process transforming the glaze into something personal and perhaps magical. Come and discover clay and pottery – watch wheel thrown pottery demonstration or even learn to make a tile.  About the potter-“in a plate rut” Siew Hoong concentrates on functional ware using the pottery wheel. She is interested in achieving simple and satisfying forms that are balanced and not over-extended. She especially enjoys throwing plates and experimenting with the use of slip in decorating her pots.


Earth&Fire Clayworks.png

Mei’s Creations Workshop. Booth.

Mei’s Creations specializes in hand forged sterling silver jewelry. Every piece is lovingly crafted in our little home studio. We oversee every element of the crafting process, from the melting of silver to the designing and the actual forging. Our jewelry are all unique and one of a kind due to the crafting process and no two pieces are ever alike. In fact, we rarely even re-stock our designs as we like to keep pushing the boundaries and come up with new, more interesting designs. All materials used are carefully selected and we do our best to strike a balance between quality and price.

Mei's Creations

Weekend Ranger Leather Booth.

Earning my keep as a full-time events planner, and a part-time leather crafter. I usually only work on projects during the weekends, as like many other Singaporeans, our week days are dedicated to the life that we call job. Hence the name, Weekend Ranger.


Leaves with Memories Workshop. Booth.

A wide selection of fine hand-crafted ceramic leaves will be displayed and offered for sale. Each ceramic leaf is meticulously hand-made; it is pressed from a real natural leaf onto clay, then fired, glazed, and re-fired. The natural leaves which are used include frangipani, painted nettle, wood nettle, blue trumpet vine, grapevine, water-lily, lotus, Bodhi and pagoda. The ceramic artwork is suitable for ornamental display as well as for functional uses. They include shallow dishes, plates, tea/coffee bag holders, soap-dishes, chopstick rests and pendants.

leaves with memories

Clay CourtYard Booth.

Hand crafted polymer clay home decor items/ jewelry.

claycourtyard Workshop. Booth.

Stochastic Elegance started out with a group of Nanyang Technological University Undergraduates with a common passion in creating meaningful gifts. We started off personalising hand-designed cards for themed gift exchanges and worked with our residential hall charity events and soon branched got involved in residential hall event door gifts and university wide events. Today, Stochastic Elegance offer a variety of customisation services for events such as weddings, birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries.

Like how handicraft can be limitless, we can pretty much help with any craft project you can think which includes hand-stamped business cards; creating your own polymer stamps; custom hand-designed anniversary cards and even re-designing the exterior of your personal diary! Simply send us your ideas for a craft project or a design and just share with us how you would like it to happen and we will do our best to make it a reality for you!

blink.a.bottle Workshop. Booth.

We believe in recycling & upcycling green projects. Instead of throwing these beautifully crafted bottles away, we gave them a new lease of life. We offer customizing services to convert your glass bottles into table lamp for display and for functional use. We will fill it up with magical fairy lights in the color of your choice! They are 100% handmade and satisfaction guaranteed. These handmade bottle lamps can be a cool birthday gift idea and a unique piece of home decoration.


Napkin Decoupage Shop Workshop. Booth.

Napkin Decoupage Shop is a hobby and craft haven that teaches decoupage and faux painting techniques. Decoupage is sticking decorative paper napkins cut outs onto a project surface to make it look like it is painted on the surface. Numerous coats of varnish are then applied to achieve a smooth finish. The finished item can look so beautiful that it appears to be professionally painted!

napkin decoupage

Scottie Crafts Workshop. Booth. Presentation.

My passion for handicraft began in 2003 after I attended the Perth Royal Show in Australia. The wide variety of handicrafts on display left a deep impression on me. It was an eye opener as I discovered that one can create beautiful crafts using simple materials such as paper, ribbons, fabric and cinnamon sticks! I enrolled in handicraft classes and began making gifts for my family and friends and I have not looked back since. Craft is very therapeutic and it helps to reduce stress, stay focused and gives great satisfaction after completing the project. I enjoy sharing my passion for crafts with anyone whom is keen to learn. Love to explore crafts made from different materials like disposable plastics spoons, cork board, aluminium cups, recycled calendar and many more.

scottie crafts

Mojinazori Store Booth.

Mojinazori is a Japanese word which means tracing outlines of type, font, handwriting, and corporate logos by hand. There are some Japanese who really love to do Mojinazori, and they try to understanding the design of characters through this activity. In this Maker Faire, we demonstrate  the    Mojinazori activity and sell some booklets of Mojinazori.


The Bunglin’ Tinker  and Taikensonzai Booth.

This bungling tinkerer strips down unwanted everyday items into materials, & transforms them into handy items that spruce up your style of living! Get inspired with upcycling techniques & tips to re-think how we may improve on their functions while we re-use these expendable objects & reduce waste at the same time. The Bunglin’ Tinker will be showcasing upcycling demonstrations, craft activities & an upcycle market. Get your COMPLIMENTARY GIFT at the booth, while supplies last!

taikensonzai is a Singaporean sustainable fashion design label.  We practice upcycling with textiles, utilising reconstruction and low or zero-waste methods to make renewed products from scraps, offcuts, deadstock, remnants, and/or unwanted clothing combined with beautiful vintage or new fabrics. We also offer made-to-order and bespoke sevices. Collaborations welcome.


bunglin tinkerer

Crafts of Origami Booth.

Have you ever wonder what models can be made by folding paper? Come and take a look at the different types of beautiful origami models. Rediscover the beauty and fun of origami.


crafts of origami

Hangmade by Gladys Workshop. Booth.

At Hangmade by Gladys, fabric is the main medium of creation. Every item made is drawn, cut, stitched and sewn individually, giving every piece it’s own uniqueness. You are able to find cushions, plushies, accessories, tote bags, door stoppers and many others here. Look out for the many many different shapes and sizes of fabric owls available.


Sew Fun Booth.

Sew Fun is the teaching arm of A Craft Initiative. Started by the designers and crafters behind Uyii (a locally designed and manufactured bag label), Sew Fun is our avenue to share our experience in textiles and sewing with others. Visit our booth to watch us craft a range of bags and pouches (e.g. backpacks)! And here’s some good news for makers: we will sell vintage fabric and sewing project kits at our booth =) Our collaborators, Yuzu and Pear, will conduct demonstrations on how to sew stretchy and comfortable knit/jersey fabrics. They will also conduct free sewing workshops, so swing by our booth if you want to try your hand at sewing baby bibs.

sew fun

Fabricate/A Craft Initiative Booth.

Fabricate is the prototyping wing of A Craft Initiative (which is best known for its locally produced bag label, Uyii). Drawing on our designing and manufacturing experience, Fabricate partners designers and engineers to help them develop soft goods and wearable technology. Our booth showcases some of the materials that we work with and our capabilities in fabric prototyping.


Bluestone Arts Workshop. Booth.

Bluestone Arts at the Maker Faire will be a group of independent craft makers coming together to show off their art and offer it to the public. Other than Bluestone founder David Liew’s hacked art from plastic bottles and commercial lamps, the group will feature crafters offering handmade resin jewellery, hand painted cork crafts and the ever-popular Zentangle-inspired art.

bluestone arts

Barangshop – D’Crafts Studio Workshop. Booth.

Barangshop – D’Crafts Studio is a small family-run craft studio workshop specialising in making handcrafted shoes, fabric & leather goods, bags, jewellery and conducting workshops like Shoemaking, Bagmaking, Leathercrafting, Sewing, DIY Toy Car Making etc. We also carry DIY motorised toys kits, sewing & craft tools and crafting supplies for the crafters and makers.