Step into the dark zone. A place where you can make magic with light. A fun place for all.

Tinkering Studio Booth.

Join us for a light play activity at the Tinkering Studio to explore light, shadow and motion using a variety of simple materials and light sources. Beginning with gently guided explorations of shadows, single and multiple light sources, three-dimensional objects and translucency, participants will work toward building kinetic light and shadow installations.

More about the Tinkering Studio
The Tinkering Studio @ the Science Centre is an entrancing space, continuously whirring with ideas. Visitors are invited to think with your hands and embark on a fun journey of experimentation.


Light Play

Pan Yew Booth.

My exhibit is titled ‘Light Up Sentosa “. It is a continuation of ‘Light Up Marina Bay’, which I constructed last year.

Similar to ‘Light Up Marina Bay’, ‘Light Up Sentosa”‘ is an acrylic LED model of icons and landmarks in Sentosa Island, like Universal Studios Singapore, the Merlion and the Singapore Cable Car. They are arranged to form a cohesive replicated landscape of Sentosa Island.

Special technological effects are added to the acrylic LED models for liveliness and excitement. The cable cars are programmed to move from one destination to another, to simulate the present Singapore Cable Car Sky Network.The colour-changing Merlion spits mist from its mouth, to mimic the water features of both Merlion statues in Singapore, one of which is located on Sentosa Island. Just like the Universal Globe at the entrance of Universal Studios Singapore, the miniature Universal Globe is programmed to revolve around a constant mist, with floating satellites orbiting around it.

Pan Yew

Japan Foundation Workshop. Booth. Presentation.

The lecturers is Japanese artists “Dorita” and “Yumi Sasaki”. “Dorita” is a musician and designer also. Ms. Sasaki is the artist and the instructor of the science museum in Japan. They were awarded a prize “New Face Award” at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival.
These workshop is aim to learn about “current-carrying conductor” and to make the musical instrument by them self. And we would like to perform the work “slime synthesizer” was made by “Dorita” and “Yumi Sasaki”.

Japan Foundation Asia Centre