We are seeing a steady rise in the number of makers over the last few years at Maker Faire Singapore. Interestingly, though not unsurprisingly, we are also seeing a steady drop in the age of the smallest Makers. At the families and young makers space, meet our youngest makers and students working on Craft, Science and Tech projects. Get some ideas on how you can engage your kids in the maker journey.

Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary) JIC SMART Locker Booth.

Most schools have teachers’ lockers for students to submit assignments. Subject representatives or individual students can use it to submit homework. While the basic locker system is effective in achieving its purpose, we believe there are areas of improvements.

Current locker systems are not efficient enough. Teachers have to specially make multiple trips to their lockers. Time is spent unproductively as they do not know when to expect assignment submissions in their lockers. Hence, we redesigned the locker with a SMS notification system so that teachers are informed when items are placed in their lockers. This ensures that teachers will not make wasted trips.

In addition, lockers do not have security features, making assignment submissions susceptible to being stolen or lost. Hence, teachers may not receive assignments, resulting in delays. Our new locker system includes an auto-lock security system, improving

Therefore, our invention aims to boost productivity and eliminate inconveniences for both teachers and students.

Raffles Girls School Secondary Booth.

With global warming on the rise, our team aims to aid in the conservation of electricity. Thus, SAS (Smart Air-conditioning System) is a prototype designed to allow users to conserve energy.

SAS controls the air-conditioner [1] automatically, turning on and off different number of air-conditioners [1], depending on how many people are present in the room and the surrounding temperature. Since it is automated, this programme runs unmanned and allows users to save both electricity and manpower. The atmospheric temperature threshold and the number of people in the room at which the air-conditioner [1] turns on are customisable.

This prototype is programmed mainly by the Arduino IDE software. Three Xbees, three arduino boards, two ultrasonic sensors and one temperature sensor are used in its construction.

The two ultrasonic sensors have been programmed to work together at any instant and are used to track the number of people in the classroom. It acts as a human counter. When the person goes out, the counter will decrease by one, and when the person goes in, the counter will increase by one. The temperature sensor is used to measure the surrounding temperature. The XBee platform, calibrated by CoolTerm and used as a mode of communication, wirelessly allowing data from 1 arduino board to the other two independently if the necessary requirements are met.

In our context, based on previous data collected, the majority of our school’s electrical usage is consumed by air-conditioners. To help save electricity, our school has introduced an air-conditioning usage policy. However, there are multiple cases where students do not comply.

SAS can be used to ensure the success of the policy. This is so because we can customise the system such that the classroom’s air-conditioner will only be turned on when there are:

sufficient number of people in the classroom (>15)
atmospheric temperature (>27oC)

This further reduces the job scope of the security guards since people do not have to be physically present at the end of each school day to check on each individual classroom.


Imagin8ors Workshop. Booth.

Imagin8ors is an ed-tech startup that nurtures the imagination and creativity in each child through deeper learning experiences. We build an appreciation for tinkering with technology and a foundation for 21st century capabilities from an early age.
Our app platform (private beta stage) and workshops encourage parent-child bonding, and inspire them to play, tinker and learn together. We would love to collaborate and co-create with makers, artists, and technologists.


Strawbees Booth.

Strawbees is a fantastic prototyping toy for makers of all ages? . You can easily fix boxes together or connect straws to build weird and wonderful creations . It inspire creativity and give children an opportunity to develop their motor and spatial skills through hands-on play.
Our mission at Strawbees is to let children have fun and ensure that our products provide a catalyst for them to play in a creative and collaborative way.

Julianne Rheshara Supramaniam Booth.

Julianne is a 12 year old homeschooler from Malaysia. She started learning and loving to make jewellery as a hobby about 2 years ago. She now makes bracelets, necklaces and earrings from charms, pearls and beads, both for children and adults.

At the MakerFaire Singapore 2016, visitors will be able to select their own charms and have them custom-made on the spot. Ready-made jewellery will be displayed and jewellery-making workshops for kids, will also be held at certain times of the day.

Her work can be viewed and ordered online at


Commonwealth Secondary School Booth.

Showcase of student initiated projects in the areas of science, art, craft, engineering and technology. These includes a mini skate park for finger boarders, redesigning tamiya cars, miniature food art using jumping clay, makey makey, and 3D printing. In Commonwealth, we run Maker Thursdays where students drop in after school to pick up a new skill or work on their own projects.

Marsiling Secondary School Booth.

Project 1: Conducive classroom
Students will be showcasing how they bring down the temperature of the classroom using plants hung outside of the classroom. The design of the plant display will also enhance the appearance of the classrooms. The students also aim to eliminate mosquitoes and mosquito breeding through the design of the plant feature.

Project 2: Conserving water in the school
Students aim to infuse technology and innovation of everyday items to minimise water waste when the gardeners water the plants in the school. They plan to use recyclables as much as possible into the building of the water feature and also tap on the rainwater collected by the school.

Paya Labar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) [PLMGSS] Booth.

Participants will explore an amazing substance in flour called gluten. They will discover why wheat flour have different levels of tenderness and toughness.

Participants will experience extracting gluten from flour at the station and they will be able to evaluate the attributes of flour.

In lieu with PLMGSS centenary celebration, the Nutrition and Food Science (NSF) Unit embarked on a project for the Secondary 2 students. We wanted the students to be knowledgeable about the school and value its strong history and culture especially so as it is the school’s 100th year of founding.

After further research, the students created or improvised a one-dish meal that spoke about their school. The students used school colours, sports houses, rich historical monuments and relevant school information to justify their choice of dish.
The students then prepared the selected dish and presented the dish in a suitable packaging.

Through this project, the students not only learnt more about their school but also gained relevant nutritional information for making wise food choices. The students were also given a platform to showcase their creativity in food and food packaging.

Renaissance Carnivale 2016 Workshop. Booth. Presentation.

Renaissance Carnivale 2016(RC2016) led by The Renaissance Project Group, will showcase several booths of Medieval Crafts and display projects related to the Renaissance. The Exhibit aims to promote and simulate a Renaissance Fair in Singapore in the Future.

Nanyang Girls’ High School Booth.

A showcase of some of the projects that Sec 2 students have been working on at the new Maker Space in Nanyang Girls’ High School. Students have been working on a wide range of projects including powered carts, robotics/arduino projects and pieces of furniture made from recycled materials.

VJC-SUTD IoT Makers Booth.

The “AirQ” is an IoT device designed to collect real-time air quality and environmental data. The data to be collected include air quality parameters (PM 2.5, PM 10, etc), and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc. The AirQ utilizes wireless communication technologies such as WiFi, 4G/4G, etc. to send the data to a backend system. As the AirQ is small and inexpensive, a network of these devices can be deployed in schools, parks, and other outdoor locations to provide real-time air quality and environmental data for students, researchers and even the public.


Makerspace In Temasek Booth.

Makerspace In Temasek has grown from programme changes in D&T in 2015, to student and teacher initiated projects on a fortnightly basis to now a regular recess programme. Come see the variety of projects that students have been engaged in.

LEGO Mindstorms Legged Robot Booth.

Robot that walk and using EV3 Mindstorms programming to do line following. You can see how Theo Jansen walking mechanics works on LEGO parts and it even could follow line. Also for another LEGO 6 legged omini-directional robot that you can use a phone to control it. Moving in any direction you went.

LEGO midstorms

Nah Family Booth.

Circuit Tiles are easy-to-build project, yet interesting enough to engage people of all ages to learn the basic electronics concept the hands-on way.

nah family

IDA labs Booth.

St Andrews Secondary School

IDA labs Booth.

Navyansh Malhotra

IDA labs Booth.

FOM innovations

IDA labs Booth.

APSN Tanglin

Bikes 4 fun Booth.

Description coming soon

Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Maker’s Academy Booth.

We will showcase the projects made at Maker’s Academy ranging from leather craft accessories, objects from concrete casting, fabric work with sewing machine, 3D printing and smart phone controlled car. We will share the making processes and the exciting possibilities of combining different materials.

Medieval Craft Community Workshop. Booth.

Medieval Craft is an interest group in all things Medieval and Fantasy inspired, started in May 2015. Currently we are looking at the crafting of Medieval gear as well as our current mainstay of BattleLine. BattleLine is a contact sports game where players battle it out using reinforced, realistic looking foam rubber weapons and padded arrows. While players are encouraged to wear period or fantasy costumes, we welcome new players to come in just as you are! Set in the period leading up to 1600, this is your chance to experience battles up, close and personal!

This year, Medieval Craft is bringing the following programmes for Maker Faire 2016

1. Medieval Craft Booth
Similar to what we did last year, the booth will showcase medieval and fantasy inspired costumes, weapons, armour and other equipment. Our group will consist of the following:

a) BattleLine: A contact sports game where players battle it out using reinforced, realistic looking foam rubber weapons and padded arrows. Think of it as paintball meets medieval/fantasy battle – carnage with a dash of medieval re-enactment, roleplaying and cosplay. We are inspired by everything from history to LOTR, Warhammer, WoW, Game of Thrones and beyond.

b) The Smithy: Our skilled armorers will be on hand to share, how using simple materials, they are able to forge out lasting cosplay equipment, costumes, armour and weapons. Members of the public can also purchase souvenir items crafted by these artisans.

c) SGBattleQuest LARP: Ever wanted to be Legolas? Or think you can command the Night Watch without dying like Jon Snow? Unlike BattleLine, Live Action Role Playing is designed for you to live out your favourite fantasy characters. Costumed players will mingle and share with public how they make stories and fantasies come true!

2. Kardboard Knights Event
Making use of discarded kardboard kartons and tape, we invite you to kreate your own cardboard armour and weapons! On 25th June, join us to kraft your armor and weapons at our booth, with help from our armorers. On 26th June, battle it out to see who is the champion knight and be crowned the 2016 Kardboard Champion! There will also be a prize for the best looking Karboard costume!

3. Basic Foam Sword Making Workshop
The sword crafting workshop for you to make your own swords which you can use for battleline or cosplay events. Materials will be provided, and the entrance fee will cover the cost of material and trainers.

For more information on Medieval Craft, visit our Facebook page at Medieval Craft Singapore!

medival craft community

Shakabudeen Rasheeda Banu – Rasheeda’s Craftopia Workshop. Booth.

My showcase will be an exhibit about my passion for my crafting,and an assortment of customized hand crafted items, such as Paper crafts, Scrapbooks, beaded jewelries, accessories and many more.
My crafting sessions hope to give people inspiration and together in the Art of making.

Nur Shafeefa Booth.

My name is Nur Shafeefa and I am 8 years old.
I am making hand painted pebbles and recycled money bank with cans
and bottles.

Sophia Curic Booth.

I am 7 years old and I just finished reading a book on the Greek Gods. I love tartarus as its so spooky and evil! So, in my board game, the character has to escape from tartarus, cross the five sinister rivers and find a secret doorway. So come and have fun!


Anjali Curic Workshop. Booth.

I am nine years old, and I love books. Since I love books so much, I also want to make them come alive through gardens that I have made using recycled containers. Come to my booth and see how I recreate stories as mixed media art using surprising materials. Join my workshop as well!

MakerForce Booth. Presentation.

This booth exhibits the projects of a young team of developers, programmers, thinkers and innovators. We call ourselves MakerForce and we work on countless projects which we will be exhibiting at Maker Faire. Some of the examples of projects are the ORB 2.0- a 3D Gaming mouse, SentiBots-a smart swarm drone system, a heads up display(HUD) based home automation system and more. You can find out more about at at .


NUS High School Engineering Interest Group Booth.

NUS High School’s Engineering Interest Group consists of a small group students. These 40 like-minded individuals have done numerous projects. These projects showcase intellect, creativity and the engineering Spirit. They range from simple mechanical guns and marble machines to artificially intellgent Sentibots and Sentry Guards.

nus high

CDAC Booth.

We are currently 2 students from in tertiary education, one of us is from Pioneer JC and another from Ngee Ann Poly. We started off this project a year ago, as a hobbyistic motivation to help simplify the job of everyday work, and to experiment with our Arduino skills that we picked up from Mr Kuang and Mr Lim in NUS. We have created a automated watering plant system. We are also currently in the midst of trying out a new improvised prototype and we hope to be able to exhibit it in the coming Makers Faire!

Another project that we are going to exhibit is the Motion controlled e-book “flipper.” The motivation for this project was to help my cousin who was paralysed from the neck down. Since reading books is an important part of her life, it would be useful to have a device at hand to enable her to read while moving as little of her body as possible.

More details of the above two projects can be found under the onedrive link of
A joint collaboration between Chinese Development Assistance Council students with National University of Singapore.

Innova Junior College Maker’s Academy iMAD Booth.

We are a team of passionate makers from the Interactive Media and Design (iMAD) department of Innova Junior College Makers’ Academy. We design and create various interactive projects using Arduino micro-controller, basic electronics prototyping, and 3D printing. Some of our projects include a laser harp, LED tower-staking game machine, arduino-controlled drinks mixer, RFID tagging system and many more. Booth visitors will get to interact and find out more about our projects. We hope to inspire youths like us to be interested in science and technology and to witness the endless possibilities that technology can bring to our lives.

innova jc