Submit your application!


The submission for Makers closes 15th May 2018.

We are also glad to receive confirmation of participation from several of our returning community partners such as Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore Polytechnic, HackerspaceSG, CraftasticSG, Funbie Studios, Sustainable Living Lab, ITE college West E space, Yarnbombing Singapore, Strawbees SG, Preschool market and more!

Please see the following FAQs

  1. What kind of information do I need to have on hand before filling in the call for makers?

You will need the following information

  1. What are you planning to do at the Faire – give a talk, do a hands on workshop, put up a booth etc
  2. A layout plan or area requirements (especially if you are going for non standard setups)
  3. A short description of your project (less than 250 words) that will be published on the website
  4. An indicative photo of your project. If your project is not yet built, you can put in a photo of a similar previous project or one of your prior work
  5. A short maker bio and a project list
  6. A photo of one of the makers


  1. Why is the Call for Makers form so long?

The call for makers form has been heavily automated compared to the previous years to reduce manual intervention and ensure better accuracy of information. Due to a worldwide increase in the Faire sizes, the Maker Faire community has gotten together to streamline acceptance processes across the globe. To help us to streamline operations, we require all makers to fill in the form.


  1. I am doing both a booth and a (scheduled) workshop. Do I have to fill in the form twice?

Yes. The booth and the workshop are considered two separate offerings at the extravaganza. This means that they will undergo separate curation, acceptance and scheduling processes. Again, this is to minimize any lapses in scheduling and workshop information that may arise through manual processes


  1. If I am running continuous workshops in a space, how should I fill up the form?

If your booth consists of hands on activities or continuous workshops, please fill in the form as a “Booth”. When prompted, select “I will be offering hands on activities at my booth” and give us details. Should you require additional space, be sure to indicate the space and furniture requirements when prompted.


  1. When will I know whether my proposal is accepted

Proposals will be accepted on a rolling basis. We will inform you of the status of your submission no later than 2 weeks after your submission. If you require a decision earlier, please drop an email to


  1. How much are the fees to showcase at the maker extravaganza

Makers: Free of charge

Commercial Maker: $50 per booth (4sqm)

Vendor/ Startup: $200 per booth (4sqm)

The fee is the same regardless of whether the exhibit is setup for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) or 2.5 days (Friday-Sunday)



  1. I am a local school teacher and would like to use the Maker Faire Singapore as an opportunity to allow my students to develop entrepreneurial skills by selling their maker projects. Do I need to pay a fee?

No. Commercial maker fees donot apply for student commercial makers (Primary, Secondary, Poly, ITE and Tertiary students.



  1. How do I join as a community partner?

As a community partner, you will need to commit to curating an equivalent of 10 booths or 50sqm of space. You will also need to bring in a group of makers to the space – i.e, it cannot be a single commercial entity. If you are interested to be a community partner, please do the following

  1. Email with the name of your group and what you intend to do
  2. Upon receiving confirmation, the team will add your name to the call for makers form as a community partner. You can, at this point
    1. Fill in a general description of the community partner space (select the name of the community partner in the form) OR
    2. Ask individual makers in the community to fill in the form and select the name of the community partner in their application so that the organizers know how to group the exhibits


  1. Do all makers receive free admission to the Maker Extravaganza?
    1. Only speakers at the maker conference receive free admission to the maker conference. A limited number of complimentary passes to the conference will also be given to partners, as well as parents of student speakers
    2. For maker faire, you will receive 3 maker passes for each 4sqm of space you curate. i.e, if your exhibit has a floor area of 20sqm, Upto 20/4*3=15 makers can come in free. The passes are non-transferable.
    3. If you are a school or student maker, you can request for additional maker passes to the faire. There is no cap on the number of student makers receiving free admission to the Maker Extravaganza.