Your introduction to the maker movement – Makers at Lab Central combine the different elements of Making and Tinkering. Drop in, chat with our makers and community group and see how the maker movement has transformed every aspect of life, from childhood to businesses. Experience the power of community that makes the maker movement what it is today. Catch up with some crazy projects.


Funbie Studios Booth.

Come by the Funbie Studios Booth to see and learn about 3D Modelling, 3D Printing and post-processing of 3D Printed Models. There will also be showcase of 3D printed models used in various applications such as crafts, miniatures, props, functional pieces and more.

funbie studios

Joining in will also be showcases from Shapeways, ATOM 3D Printer, Creatif, Gerald Chin, Acorn Coding Lab and Field of Fire/Battle of Banner Productions, APSN Tanglin School, Trivialities, Kaiju Den. Some of the 3D models on display will also be from prolific designers and teams around the world such as 3DKitBash, Andy de Bruin(DiMarzio), Ill Gotten Games, Printable Scenery, Trobok Toys and Fat Dragon Games.

Funbie Studios

Preschool Market Workshop. Booth.

A space created by Preschool Market for the young and young at heart. The concept for this space was developed in conjunction with Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents. All children need a space to dream, imagine and play. In this space, we want to showcase DIY projects by preschools, stay-at-home mums and homeschooling families. This is a place where children are free to daydream and use their imagination to create their own play.

Preschool Market

Molecular Engineering Lab Booth.

We are scientists working in research labs, who have embraced the Maker philosophy to create solutions for problems within the biological community. This includes handheld, portable fluorescence detectors; cheap PCR machines that can be 3D printed and assembled for less than 100 dollars; and novel materials based on marine creatures that can be cast on molds for various applications. Our mission is to advance science and technological literacy among the general public, by demonstrating the potential to impact scientific research, using off-the-shelf parts and a little bit of hacking.

Imagineering Insititute Booth.

We will be displaying our picture book for visually impaired children, which integrates multi-sensory interaction. Various sensor devices are implemented within tactile texture (such as fake fur), together with an olfactory and sound devices. The visual appearance of this ‘picture’ book is entirely black. We would like to show this work to invoke awareness that visually-impaired children also enjoy rich mutli-sensory perceptions and they are not (children – visual perception).

Harold and Eugene Booth.

Ferro fluid artwork controlled by digitally controlled electromagnets.

Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore Booth.

Physicists at the Centre for Quantum Technologies build a lot of their own science equipment, from lasers to vacuum chambers. Come by the CQT booth to see and play with gadgets from the quantum realm.


Singapore Polytechnic Booth.


Environmental Club – Creative Upcycle

Creative reuse of unwanted or discarded products. Transforming and giving them a new live and purposes.

SP-Environmental Club

Wireless Animatronic Glove – FYP MAE student

Wireless Glove

The user wears a glove with flex sensor which detects the movement made by the user and sends the signals to the microcontroller in the Lilypad Arduino. The microcontroller then processes the signals and encodes them. These signals are then transmitted to the Lilypad Shield which connects to XBee Series 1. The XBee Series 1 sends signals to the other XBee Series which is connected to the Xbee Arduino Shield which decodes them in the required form and sends them to the Arduino Uno. The Arduino Uno then sends the signals to the servo motor and makes it run. Fishing line is used to connect to the servo motor. When the servo motor runs, it turns the Servo arm which pulls the fishing line which in turn leads to the finger moving as well. The block diagram below shows an illustration of how the Wireless Animatronic Glove works.

Wireless Glove end

Life Arts Club – Model Kit Diorama

The concept of our diorama is The Future. We plan to create a scene whereby in the future, robotics science has progressed to the point where full-sized robots (~18.5 metres in height). Singapore Polytechnic are one of those who did, and we enter the robots into a competition, a battle royale, where the different schools fight it out in a “deathmatch”, until a clear winner emerge. Our team consists of 3 units, the heavy, the assault and the sniper.  In this particular scenario, they are at a crossroad junction searching for their enemies.

SP-Life Arts Club.jpg

Figure 1: Kits to be used to for the mobile suits

SP-Life Arts Club 2

Figure 2 Planned Diorama


Autodesk Booth.

Description coming soon

Hope Technik Booth.

HOPE Technik has been delivering world leading engineering solutions to clients demanding high-performance and unique technology since 2006. Headquartered in Singapore, our expertise begins from product conceptualisation through to prototype development and finally commencing with mass production. Regardless of how unusual a project may be, our dedicated team of qualified engineers and technical staff are able to design a world-class solution and translate concepts into reality.

ArtScience Museum Booth.

ArtScience Museum and FabCafé Singapore come together in a fun intersection of creativity and technology. Design your own lasercut FabKids Mobile, dance and interact with a robot arm, and sample what laser engraved cookies taste like!

Children ages 7 – 10 can drop in, assemble and bring home their own kinetic mobile sculptures using our pre-lasercut FabKids Mobile kits. Be sure to keep an eye out for our special MakerFaire edition of laser-engraved cookies, only 500 pieces will given away at the faire. Sign up for the FabKids Mobile drop in session at the booth.

Intel Booth.

Description coming soon

Cognizant Booth.

Description coming soon

IDA labs Booth.

Engineering Good

IDA labs Booth.

Self built 3D printers
IDA abs Booth.

The FUNctional – Fun & Functional 3D Design!

Singapore University of Technology and Design Booth.

Anjali Design Booth.

I will be conducting 2 types of workshops, Play with Glass Mosaic and Play with Glass Soldering:

A Mosaic is a picture or design constructed from several smaller pieces. At the workshop, Anjali Venkat will explain the principles of mosaic, use of colour and design, before giving participants the opportunity to create their own mosaic. In addition, she will also demonstrate how to create the components of the mosaic, by cutting pieces of glass, mirror and vitreous glass tile. If interested, participants will have the opportunity to try their hand at this unusual skill. The beautiful mosaic created by the participant can be used as a coaster or a piece of wall art. Age: 5 years +

The art of stained glass is a beautiful combination of colour and design. Stained glass windows have been admired for their beauty since the time of ancient Rome. Anjali Venkat will explain the process of designing and assembling a stained glass sun-catcher using copper foil and solder. The participants will be provided with pieces of coloured glass in different shapes, and will be taught how to solder these glass pieces to join them together. The finished sun-catcher can be taken home. Age: 12 years +

anjali design
Just Love Crafts Workshop. Booth.

Just Love Crafts is all about crafting from paper and making designs that are not just aesthetically appealing but extremely useful too. My forte is Paper Quilling and I have designed greeting cards, picture frames, tea light holders, jewellery and other artifacts from paper and I love to share the art with others.

Very recently, we have started experiments with upcycling and will be sharing a lot of upcycled projects and how we can upcycle better for the benefit of the environment.

JLC will also be introducing Volume Decoupage or Sospeso which is a very unique form of craft for the first time in Singapore at the Maker Faire.

All in all, Just love crafts will be bringing a showcase of handcrafted paper and upcycled products along with some never seen before craft projects which are not just beautiful but serve a better purpose as well.


Tinkercademy Mars base Lockdown Booth.

Mission Briefing: Your safety has been compromised, as an AI gone rogue has trapped you and your fellow astronauts inside our Mars base. Your mission is to defeat the AI, get out of the base and escape back to Earth. Expect intense puzzle solving, plenty of tinkering with all kinds of electronics, and loads of teamwork. You will need all your wits and whatever you can find in the base. Good luck. We await your safe return.

Brought to you by Tinkercademy and

Nico-Tech Booth.

Nico-Tech is a community of Japanese technology geeks and developers with backgrounds in otaku culture (anime, manga, games, etc.) who gather at the video website Nico Nico Douga and share their creations with each other. They often develop intricate yet seemingly pointless gadgets, robots, and contraptions, with fun as the sole reason. Activity in Nico-Tech can sometimes spur a chain reaction of creativity, with one creation inspiring another to develop something in response.

Science Bean & Technology Leaf Booth.

The theme of our booth and workshop is Food and Beverage: A Tech World and Back to Basics. We will be showcasing some simple Arduino Projects made for secondary and primary school students such as Drink temperature sensor, the Drink piano, Drink level detection device etc.

The other part of the booth will be dedicated for a hands-on activity at making greeting cards and art pieces using expired dried foods. One is to get people making their own cards (and giving to their loved ones); Two, is to get them to be more aware of food wastage; Three, is to spark their creativity. They can even plant the cards/ art pieces (like the Sprout Cards from!!!! That completes the cycle so that expired food can get a new lease of life, literally!!

The whole booth is free of charge and we welcome all to participate in understanding our projects and getting their fingers moving, artistic talents flowing to make their own “tasty” cards and artwork.

Re Arcade Booth.

Relive classic retro arcade fun by converting your old PCs, laptops and game consoles into a functional compact desktop arcade machine using our PLAYCADE cabinet design. Also makes for a fantastic piece of display in your home entertainment corner or office staff relax room.

playcade tall header image

Makers Joint Booth.

Makers Joint is a collaboration of makers who work on many projects of different mediums. Open your mind to see what home grown makers can create & solve problems with various innovative projects in the fields of STEAM. Do visit our booth for many fun activities, and also learn how you can get equipped with skills that can help build our Smart Nation.

iArtsg Booth.

iArtsg is a social enterprise that champions disabled artists. From being visually disabled to being hearing impaired and having Tourette’s Syndrome, they are talented individuals who are more than willing to shared their interest with others.  There will be disabled artists attending the Maker Faire and they will respectively showcase what they do.

Click on the links below to read more about them and be inspired by their story!

Here is a list of the artists attending:

Be sure to keep a look out for them! Always have a positive attitude and continue striving towards your interest as success comes with determination and motivation!