Art Science Museum  and One Maker Group (Booth)

Art Science Museum and One Maker Group Singapore come together for the second year in a row to collaborate on a series of experience booths for visitors to understand about the Maker culture.  Maker Faires are for Makers, by makers. We bring out the Maker in people through experiences and interactions. Projects that participants can experience include cardboard automata, light painting, cardboard transistor radio, nest of memories, waterflower, drillkart, hovertrax and renaissance crafts

 One Maker Group

Imagin8ors Pte. Ltd. (Booth, Workshop)

The Imagin8ors exhibit plans to feature fun, hands-on experiences designed for children and parents to tap into their inherent imagination and create together. Our team of makers and educators would be happy to share and engage with parents and children.


Ben Tang – Home Lab! Test for sugars and Proteins at home (Workshop)

Many tests and demos in secondary school Chemistry and Biology may actually be performed at home with commonly available substances. Not only are these within the syllabus, but they allow students to feel that Chem and Bio are accessible to them in everyday life beyond the confines of the school lab. This opens the way for a new generation of citizen scientists and makers.

Chinmayi – Ananse Group (Presentation)

I am representing a group of makers who work with communities throughout the world. We’re are devoted to opensource values and developing sustainable, grassroots infrastructure.

In our effort to do so we have studied the creative communities extensively . In this talk we would be presenting our research on the same in terms of singapore and southeast asia and also showcasing our effort to build an comprehensive open map of all the global innovation spaces.

Ananse Group

Chris Long  – The Beanstalk Creative Actions Pte Ltd (Booth, Presentation)

MakanKaki135™: It’s makan (Singlish for “meal”) time.  Do you have a “chope” weapon?  What is your favourite?  A tissue pack?  An umbrella?  A book?

MakanKaki135™ is the ultimate multi-functional meal-time “chope” weapon of choice.

What it does:

  • serves as a hard case for your tissue pack – thus preventing untidy, crushed and crumpled tissue packs in your bag
  • serves as a holder for your cutleries, conveniently and elegantly housing a Western spoon and fork set or an Asian spoon and chopstick set
  • helps maintain hygiene by preventing contact of your cutleries with dirty tables and/or trays
  • “chope” aka reserves your seat while elegantly setting your table with your cutlerie

Singapore Homeschool (Booth, Workshop)

Homeschoolers exhibit their science projects. Science craft bags also available for purchase of $2 each, with funds raised towards the Queenstown Library Community Garden.

SIngapore Homeschool

Preschoolmarket (Booth,Workshop)

Preschoolmarket is a social entreprise for dream-makers and star-polishers in the preschool sector. Our Kidstarer Garage provides an authentic platform to empower Pre-school Teachers and children to kickstart projects for children and the community at large. Find out more about the creative works of and for children and see how you can join in the action. Check out what they are doing here and the details!

Elda Webb-  TheCuriousDesign.Network (Booth, Workshop)

Visitors will be able to start their Maker journey by making a simple craft.  They will be able to explore the materials available and the tools at their disposal and they will be able to start making something right there and then.  They can personalize a notebook, a mirror, or a treasure box.  The purpose  is to get everybody that passes by the possibility to be a maker.

Successful maker will get a I’m a maker badge.

Elda Webb

Commonwealth Secondary School (Booth)

Commonwealth Secondary has embarked on Maker education as part of its curriculum. Besides 3D printed products from our Bits and Atoms students, our Secondary 1 Normal (Technical) students also designed and created soft toys which combines sewing with electronics. Students will present their works and what they have learnt in the process.

Commonwealth Sec

Ferris Kwok Wai Him – The Know What’s OK (KWOK) Family (Booth)

Members of the Kwok family will be showcasing and sharing their DIY projects on Art & Craft, Arduino, Robotics, Quad-copters and 3D-printing. Discover how you and your family members can have fun by learning and tinkering together.


Ground Up Initiative (Booth)

Welcome to GUI – the Ground-Up Initiative, a not-for-profit organisation located in Singapore. We began as a small group of people bound by the desire to be the change we want to create. Born in Singapore, a tiny, prosperous and highly urbanized nation, many Singaporeans grow up thinking success is largely defined by the scales of money. However, as our material wellbeing improves by leaps and bounds, it threatens to overshadow our spiritual wellbeing and we begin to realize that money is no guarantee of happiness or fulfillment in our lives. We are here today to search for those answers, to ask: how can people living within urban landscapes adopt a social and ecological harmony with the earth?

Ground Up Initiative

Mo-  Bikes4Fun (Booth)

We are bicycle builders from BIKES4FUN. We turn old bicycles into new inventions and have a collection of over 50 bicycle contraptions. We have bike blenders to make smoothies, bike generators to pedal for power, bike mowers to keep the lawns tidy and upcycled bicycles to keep the earth happy.  We make bicycles from almost anything and everything and more importantly, we want to show you how to do it for yourself.


Nah Wee Yang  -Nah Family (Booth)

We showcase some simple “weekend projects” that the children or teenagers can do using some common household items and tools.

Nah Wee Yang

Science Centre Singapore (Booth)

Experience the art of Making and tinkering through a  range of activities – play with paper circuits, Engineer with paper, tinker with marble machines, sew a circuit with conductive thread and feel free to explore.


shutao jiang  -hiverlab (Booth)

Hiverlab is a creative storytelling studio focus at visualization for technology.  We also develop new technological solutions for film production.

We’d like to showcase a few gadgets and solutions includes: motion control system; Drone(DJI); portable 3D scanner, and a dozens of wearable device prototypes.


Singapore Polytechnic (Booth)

Makers’ Community in SP will be showcasing a number of projects including the techno Mohawk that reacts to music, mathematical models, LED propellers connected to the internet, DIY ukulele, voice response bear and an automated 3D print service.


Makers in Temasek (Booth)

Exciting projects through Learning in Fun & Engaging ways done by staff, students & even parents!

Strawbees (Booth, Workshop, Presentation)

We are planning to create both an interactive dome with MegaStrawbees, but also some kind of creature (kaiju/godzilla/robot) in MegaStrawbees (3-5 meters high) where kids can use regular Strawbees to build geometrical shapes and attach them to the MegaStrawbees skeleton, i.e. transforming the creature from a skeleton to a living creature.


 SG Makers Association Ltd (Booth)

SG Makers Association Ltd will be curating a showcase featuring projects from various makerspaces from Southeast Asia such as Chiang Mai Makerspace & Pinn CreativeSpace (the largest creative/makerspace for women) from Thailand and Foresight Youth from Malaysia & Brunei. We will also be showcasing the range of activities the Association is involved.

SG Makers Association

王乙雅  Amazing Land (Booth)

A family Cooperation toys(board game). Can mix the lego. Creative Ever-changing Scene & Checkpoints. Every one play it enjoy Teamwork breakthrough storm!!!

Amazing Land


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