Singapore Game Makers

We will bring various Game Makers in Singapore together to showcase their projects, inspire new ideas while networking together. To comprise 3 major events:

1. Talks and workshops
2. Game prototype playtesting (see group bio for more info)
3. Booth showcasing various games at Booth #208 (see group bio for more info)

Group Bio

Group Bio

Isaac - Nekomancy Games
Isaac is a game designer, currently practicing his craft at Nekomancy Games. Nekomancy's first product is the Purrballs: Catventure Card Game, which is scheduled to launch September 2018. He plans to create more games for the Purrballs brand in the future, both tabletop and digital. Isaac holds a Bachelor's in Game Design from DigiPen Institute of Technology, and is currently working at Ubisoft Studios Singapore. In his free time, he plays games (of course).
Game Title: Purrballs: Catventure Card Game

Marjorie Van Der Straatan - Red Tin Bot
We strive to immerse ourselves in games, to play as many as we can, wherever and with whomever available. As a Game Design Collective, we know that in order to create, we must first begin with what we know, drawing from our own experiences before we can realise our dreams and yours.
Game Title: Pizza Pi
Pizza Pi is a fast paced fraction card game for everyone. Make sure you have the right ingredients for your pizza to fulfill your orders. Be careful, your pizza may end up in someone's order.

Ahern Low
Game Title: Misdirection
Misdirection is a game of hidden loyalty. The game is set in a medieval setting, where the kingdom is being attacked by a barbarian tribe. Scouts are sent to the far ends of the nation to scout and detect the incoming horde and pass the message back to the kingdom. Players are either Scouts trying to save the kingdom by passing the right warnings or Traitors trying to doom the kingdom sending the wrong warnings. Discussion, deception and accusation and logical deduction are all equally important to save or destroy the kingdom.

Kenneth Chong
Kenneth plays all sorts of games, from Ugly Dolls to Twilight Struggle. His top two favourite games are Agricola and Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilisation. He currently runs Boardgames Interest Group (more commonly known as B.I.G) which holds free, public monthly meetups at Braddell Heights CC - food and drinks included. The group represents his belief that boardgaming is a hobby for everyone.
Game Title: Perfect Match
Players select cards representing character traits in order to attract suitable partners. Partners serve as a multiplier for points, or Social Influence - and the player with the most Social Influence after 12 turns wins the game. Playable in 30 minutes.

Broken Hearts
We are 3 simple ordinary girls with an extraordinary dream to better the world with a little more love.

Joey Tah, The Little Chief, Joey Teh
Hurt badly before... Now back with a vengeance to put the love back to the world with Broken Hearts.
Joey is spearheading the mission to deliver the message to spread love by having more people to accept and face their “Broken Hearts” and come out stronger from a relationship and to believe in love again. Joey ensures Broken Hearts message is delivered right and the whole product is built with love!

The Tears and Joy Creator, Keely Sim
Look at her, you will smile and talk to her, and all of the sudden, she will tear for no reason.
She is indeed simply impactful with her ability to create both happy and sad emotions instantly.
Keely is our product creator in charge of the whole broken hearts game design as well as all the good and evil behind the love game.

The Designer, Seik Yee Thoo
First moment you see her, do not expect a smile. The smile will only appear to you if she gets along with you. Seik Yee is our creative and cool girl who is in charge of all our creative artworks and websites stuffs.
Game Title: Broken Hearts
Broken Hearts is a highly strategic and fun relationship-building game that consists of five unique heart characters bring people closer together. Designed based on the #1 problem that every human being in the world faces - the affairs of the heart. Through this innovative and entertaining game, we want to share great relationship lessons and seek to spread love and the understanding that everything, whether in or out of a relationship, happens for a goodreason and is part and parcel of living a joyful life! You can believe in love again!
As the game progressed, it gets more complicated as relationships with fellow humans get tested to the max because every player need to manage between building relationships and breaking up others to make sure he or she ends up as the final winner.

Larry Yap
Game Title: Chope
Singaporeans love good food. However, good food also comes with long queues and hard to find seats... In Chope, players shrewdly hunt down and 'chope' (reserve) seats with as little commitment as they can get away with - e.g. tissue packets - while queuing for mouthwatering delicacies, all while wondering, 'will my seat still be there when I return?'

Daryl Chow - Cardboard Crew
Game Title: Tree of Life
This nature-themed game is inspired by the flora and fauna of Singapore. Using an intuitive and engaging economic system, players have to make interesting choices to either plant trees or use seeds and fruits to attract birds. Through playing the game, players naturally learn about the names of the birds and trees of Singapore in a fun and instinctive way.

Colin Lim - White Paladin Studios
Colin has been involved in the gaming industry since he was 15 years old. As a gamemaster or storyteller for the Dungeons & Dragons board game, he took to designing his own role playing game systems for leisure and played it among his friends. He has also been involved in collectible card games organized tournaments since 1997.
Game Title: Bird of a Feather
Birds of a feather is a light game for 2-4 players. Players take the role of a ranger in Yellowstone park, influencing where birds will roost while predicting against fellow rangers to score points with the park management. Influence where your birds will roost, but beware the poacher!

Nicholas Pang - Starknicked
Game Title: Smol Tok

Designer, Ong De En Matthew
Matthew has been a Board/Card Gamer since 2005.
Over 10 years, he has been the games Host to various gaming communities including Ngee Ann Board Gamers, NTU FastForward Board Game Society, Board Gamers SG and Singapore International Boardgames Meetup. In 2012, he was also the Games Design Teacher in Nan Hua Primary School.
Game Title: Wizard Strike