Smart IoT workshop using MIT App Inventor

Make you first Android app and implement simple IoT project by interacting with MCU board (Bluetooth). We'll use a graphical IDE (MIT App Inventor) and have basic understanding how IoT works.

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David Tseng

David Tseng

Founder, CAVEDU Education

David Tseng is devoted into STEAM education and maker movement since 2008 and is intensively active in teaching fundamental knowledge and skills. He had published many books for readers in all ages, topics including AI, IoT/Cloud services, robot and interactive devices. His ambitious goal is to provide suitable content for everyone who is going to explore this extremely fascinating maker world.

About CAVEDU Education
CAVEDU Education offers suitable content for everybody who is getting into this extremely interesting maker movement. CAVEDU is also the education partner with many organizations and corporations like MIT CSAIL, MIT Media lab, Intel, Mediatek, RS Components and QNAP to introduce various curriculums to our next generation.
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