Adrian Curic- Learning through Hydraulics (Booth, Workshop)

I will be sharing my journey of the things I have learnt as a Maker who has just started working with hydraulics. Will be bringing a few hydraulic projects including a car, claw and maybe a couple more. Participants will have a chance to play games with the hydraulic robots and build some hydraulic components.


Al Tan (Booth)

Home built desktop Raman Spectrometer. A laboratory instrument for schools, thinkerers, and mad scientists. Possibly open source

Benjamin  – Art Makes Us (Booth)

“Neobombe” is a scientific artwork based on the Turing machine featured in the movie “The Imitation Game”. “Neobombe” is a combination of two words, “neo” and “bombe”. The “bombe” is an electromechanical device used by British cryptologists to help decipher German Enigma-machine-encrypted secret messages during World War II. “Neo” means “new”, because our version of the bombe takes on an art perspective. The “Neobombe” replays the World War II scenario of decrypting Enigma encoded messages in the form of Twitter feeds. Users interact with the artwork by tweeting using a specific hashtag and then see how the bombe interprets those messages.

Choo Chun Keong – FrinGOe Pte Ltd (Booth)

FrinGOe: Spectrometer on the GO!.

A low cost and potable Spectrometer for Maker!

FrinGOe is very small optical component (>2 mm thick and approx 7mm diameter). When retrofitted in front of a camera (which can be a smartphone camera or a raspberry-picamera) it generates an interferogram image that the spectrum signature of the object can be directly derived. This novel method is the key to a low cost and very compact spectrometer.

Conventional grating based spectrometers have reached the limits of miniaturization due to the requirement of a minimum dispersion length. FrinGOe overcomes this technological limit with its novel method and it do not need the alignment precision of a conventional grating spectrometer. Not to forget it is at a fraction of the cost!!

FrinGOe is designed by Maker for Maker! Come and join in the revolution of spectrometer


David Effendi  -ChorusText (Booth, Presentation)

ChorusText is an open assistive device for people with low-vision / blindness, that lets them explore and edit text by means of touch and hearing.

Edmund Wee – Invisible Stickers (Booth)

“Invisible Stickers” allows users to discover or leave messages at their current location via

Edmund Wee - Invisible Stickers

12Geeks (Booth)

12Geeks is a marketplace platform where software and hardware makers and developers can connect with each other, showcase and share their developments and projects, get access to tools and knowledge.

12 Geeks

Gabriel Joachim Perumal – Electronics Made Easy (Booth, Workshop)

Electronics Made Easy will be teaching how to make the Tiny Switch Kit and the participants will be learning how to make a water level sensor and  to make the Tiny Lights Kit where they will be learn how to make a led blinker. This kit includes a reprogrammable IC Chip so kids interested to program will be taught how to program the chip through the use of the Awesome Arduino.

Gabriel - EME

Jimmy Ngow-  Re Arcade (Booth)

Bartop (Desktop) Arcade Cabinet. This cabinet is designed to mimic the feel of an arcade machine with arcade joystick and buttons. Run your favourite game emulators using a PC or convert your old game consoles (Playstation 3 or Xbox 360) into a cool piece of retro display furniture as well as a functional arcade machine.

Bartop (Desktop) Arcade Cabinet. This cabinet is designed to mimic the feel of an arcade machine with arcade joystick and buttons. Learn how you can convert / recycle your old PCs and game consoles (Playstation 3 or Xbox 360) into a cool piece of retro display furniture as well as a functional arcade machine.

The cabinet is available as a DIY kit (empty cabinet with or without joystick and buttons) and artwork can be customised according to your favourite game themes and characters.

SAYES Makers – Conviskates and Hydropyrotechnics (Booth)

Transforming roller blades and Water powered welder.

Koh SUEDA –  Samulion Laboratory / IDMI NUS (Booth)

We introduce our IoT projects that is focusing on entertainment and sports. Our project

1) SmartSail is a sports IoT device to enjoy sailing easily not only for sailor but also spectator.

2) Talking drone is a mid-air communication system to chat (or to attract) birds (mainly show some demo video).

3) Communication Grill is a IoT BBQ machine requires text chatting the user to eating.

Melvin Zhang – Making your own puzzles/magic tricks (Booth)

Create fun and engaging puzzles/magic tricks to learn about mathematics and computer science.


Ng Pan Yew (Booth, Workshop)

I have always been fascinated with the vibrancy and attractiveness of Marina Bay’s cityscape. This motivated me to embark on creating a mini-LED light display of Marina Bay, so as to showcase and bring out its beauty to be admired by viewers. Many of Singapore’s iconic structures – the Merlion, Singapore Flyer and Esplanade, just to name a few – are located in Marina Bay. They are depicted in this LED light display, and operate in sync with your choice of music! Moreover, there are interesting features such as ball flying, musical fountain in front of MBS, boats led along the Singapore river that are in sync with music, supply on the boat, helix bridge and laser at MBS.

Ng Pan Yew


Nguyen Lam – Design Centric Program (Booth)

We are a group of undergraduates from National University of Singapore developing a hydrophilic quadcopter that is able to land/take off from water and operate in aquatic environment for a school project.

Nicholas Foo  –Design Centric Programme (Booth)

Last Mile Vehicle concept

Nishant Verma –  EBlocks. (Booth, Workshop, Presentation)

E blocks is an electronics kit designed to teach young children about circuitry and design.


Raye Yeow Chen Hua – Evolution Innovation Laboratory @ NUS (Booth)

The Evolution Innovation Laboratory @ NUS is a team of biomedical engineers who gets inspired by evolution to create innovations. Soft robotics, inspired from the soft flexible tentacles of the octopus, squid and coral, is an emerging field that seeks to replace traditional hard rigid robots, particularly in wearable applications where complex and expensive hard robots are deemed unsuitable. We develop soft wearable robots in our lab for different parts of the human body, which can be interfaced with our wearable sensors that capture various physiological signals from the brain, muscles and body position.

Rifki Akbar – SmartLab Sampoerna University (Booth)

Multifunction cleaner. Using some stuff that already provided at home like sponge and mop attached to a motor, our cleaner can help people to do various activities such as washing plates, mopping, and cleaning up windows faster and easier. The users only need to change the tools depend on their needs. This is easily applied in any household.

Roland Turner-  Assorted Radio Amateurs (Booth)

An interpretive sign explaining what amateur radio is and why it’s interesting, a simple VHF/UHF amateur rig set up in the booth. Demonstrations of its use.  An electromagnetic field demonstration with the rig transmitting and a hand-held receiving antenna connected to a light-bulb glowing when the receiving antenna is placed in the transmitting antenna’s strongest field direction.

If we get ambitious, on the sports-field,  the use of a handheld transceiver and antenna to demonstrate satellite operation. A tethered balloon supporting a wire antenna for HF operation, with an HF rig to demonstrate long distance operation.

Tinkercademy (Booth, Workshop)

We conduct courses on coding, electronics, mess-making, and more for schools and the public. Come take a look at things our students have made, and browse our store of hand-picked toys for tinkerers, such as littleBits, Dash & Dot, Arduino kits, and more.


Marsiling Secondary School (Booth)

Arduino Timer Plug and Tetra-Umbrella

Ss Khaw  – CELLS (Booth)

Mini machine tools for crafts, Airbrush, Resin casting, workshops programs

Nanyang Girls’ High School (Booth)

Italian Futurist LED Flowers

Sudharshan –  NUS High School of Math and Science (Booth)

My booth will feature all of NUS High School’s engineering projects. On of the projects features are the ORB-3d gaming mouse. This project is documented on my Hackaday page-( This is a 3D mouse that allows for more immersion while playing computer games like TF2. The second project is a TF2 sentry life scale model with autonomous targeting and shooting. It also comes with a semi-auto nerf gun which allows for it to shoot nerf darts at the target by activation the gun with a servo.This project is documented in my blog-(;


Zhen yuan  – Miniature wind tunnel (Booth)

Play with a mini interactive wind tunnel. Mists are used to visualise the wind flow

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