Robots, Self Built 3D printers, Kits, Arduinos, IoT kits, Virtual Reality. TechZone@MakerFaire Singapore opens your eyes to the accessibility of different kinds of technology tools that can be used by Makers and learners alike.


Tertiary Infotech Pte Ltd Booth.

We are established in 2012. Our mission is to explore the latest infocomm technologies and bring such technologies to the market. With the rise of big data and information explosion, we offer big data modeling services such as neural network modeling. To empower individual with relevant and practical skills, we also offer various IT, Robotics and IoT courses in Tertiary Courses. Many of our courses are approved for SkillsFuture Credit.

Robot R Us Booth.

We at ROBOT R US believe that robots will the next big technological leap after the creation of the personal computer. With this believe in mind, we want to provide a wide range of robotic education and products to schools and robot-centric individuals to prepare for this exciting future.

robot r us

IXEN Robotics Pte Ltd Workshop. Booth. Presentation.

Our focus is on robotics, electronics and 3D printing. We will be showcasing the projects that we have built to create awareness and invite the public to contribute to the project space.. At the same time, we would also like to introduce our new robotits kit ( that teaches young adults how to code.

IXEN robotics

Dream Catcher Technologies Pte Ltd Booth.

Dream Catcher Technologies offers Professional Training Courses in the field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications, Life Sciences and Oil & Gas. Dream Catcher has training kits and services covering secondary schools and tertiary education institutions. Training kits for schools are marketed under the brand of Chumbaka. From July 2015, Dream Catcher was appointed by Makeblock as a distributor for their education robot kits and “Lego” style makers’ modules. Chumbaka offers DIY kits and workshops to help to ignite interest in science and technologies among students and non-technical adults. Examples include Arduino Embedded System workshops, Motor kit, mBot Robot kits and workshops.

hiverlab Workshop. Booth. Presentation.

we will be showcasing our virtual reality content and 360 cameras that we manufactured. and real time motion capture system.


Invisible Stickers Booth.

Invisible Stickers is a geolocation travel web service created for travellers. Acting as an open book travel guide, it is shared by digital nomads and backpackers.

Using geolocation feature, travellers can access travel information contributed by others who have came before and left. They can also explore and make new discoveries.

Travelling is all about the journey. On this platform, travellers can create their own travel footprints during their journey.

Official website:
Google Playstore:

is_drawnmap_asean (1)

Maker Motes! Booth.

Come discover a fun and DIY way to learn more about the environment around you, using Maker Motes! Maker Motes – an award-winning initiative implemented and shared around ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region – are low-cost open-source sensors, which you can either design, build, and code for yourself, or have us build them for you 🙂 They are easy to install, and can be modded and customised to suit a wide variety of needs and usage cases, such as a school, a farm, or just use them at home 🙂 Investigate your local micro-climate, monitor and compare data from different locations, and document your discoveries using charts and graphs.

3DPrintingHub.Asia Booth.

3DPrintingHub.Asia has been providing 3D Printers and 3D Printing services. We have experience in working with learners and has conducted talks and workshops in various platforms like Makers Faire, Singaplural, Visual Asia Expo, Futurescope with Republic Polytechnic on 3D Printing and 3D Pen creations.

Our 3D printed parts are used in a variety of applications for e.g. in furniture and model RC buses.

If you have any ideas in mind, we will be glad to help you explore the possibilities that 3D printing can provide: Your Imaginations Made Real.

Do take our survey on what you would like to see at MakerFaire 2016 with 3D Printing to win a surprise 3D Printed Gift for FREE!

You can also email us as:

3D printing pic1 Workshop. Booth.

“What you see is remembered, what is done is learned”. Robotics is, above all, a means to learn. With robotics, children enhance their creativity, visual logic and social skills for teamwork. To help them build their own robots, most of them are responsible and who value the end result. It is also a fun way to become familiar with the operation of electronics and programming. The 3D printed robotica kit is the first step to achieve our goal: to revolutionize the learning process, even from the very first stage, playing. Education is our greatest resource to be exploited to change and improve the world in which we live.

materialiseit (2)

ESPert Booth.

We will be showcasing ESPert, our latest IoT development platform where makers can learn, tinker with and develop their own IoT project quickly, affordably and easily. Our platform consists of our integrated cloud-mobile and hardware infrastructure.

Visitors will get to interact with our latest Arduino-compatible Wi-Fi-enabled development board, the ESPresso Lite V2.0 to create simple projects or to try out some our own cloud services. We will be demonstrating how makers can build a simple IoT project in less than 10 minutes. Additionally, we will also exhibit a sample of different projects built by various makerspaces in Southeast Asia that uses the ESPert platform.


Annikken Andee provides the learning tools to connect to the widely popular Arduino platform. Created as a gateway to integrate mobile devices to their projects. Learn how to code and create a Graphical User Interface (GUI) on both iOS and Android devices without app programming. Bringing together interactivity, collaboration and creativity in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) into the hands of a Maker. Built with Arduino, Pair it with Annikken Andee.


Cytron Technologies Sdn Bhd Booth.

With our tag line: Robot.Head to Toe, we will bring embedded controllers, sensors, wireless, motors, drivers, and of course robots for you to have fun.

Makers’ Lab, NTU Booth.

Makers’ Lab is a student community in NTU which aims to encourage students to start making and creating solutions for problems that they’re passionate about. We hold monthly workshops on various prototyping skills, and have recently successfully held our inaugural bootcamp, Makers’ Camp 2016 as well as SumoBot Competition 2016.

CAVEDU Education Workshop. Booth. Presentation.

Using Arduino Yun, LinkIt smart 7688, raspberry Pi 3 and Android devices to demonstrate various kinds of smart home and IoT Applications. If you are a teacher or parent looking for more contents, please come to us!


Gadget Maker Booth.

Learning can be Fun. Making can be Easy. Find out about tools and resources made available by the Maker Movement, such as the Arduino and 3D Printing. Come to look at Fun Arduino Gadgets, VR Cardboard kits and more. Get ideas to make that special Birthday gift, build the Gadget that’s being in your mind, what else… It depends on YOU.

Saturday Kids Booth. Presentation.

It isn’t everyday kids can learn to shape the future.

It’s our first MakerFaire, and we thought – why not let the kids have the stage? We invite kids to show off what they have made with code, design, engineering and technology. It’s a community booth for kids, by Kids. Drop by our booth to give us a high-five! Then interact and play with animations, games, websites, 3D printed toys and other inventions – designed and created by kids as young as 5 years old.

Saturday Kids is passionate about transforming a child’s experiences with technology. We teach kids to use technology to create, invent, and delight in our programming, electronics and 3D printing classes.It isn’t everyday kids can learn to shape the future.

Saturday Kids x MakerFaire_community board

360 Videos Asia Booth.

We are working on projects for virtual reality (VR) experience utilising 360 Degree Camera. In Maker Faire 2016, we will introduce three VR Experiences.
1. Like a bird
You will feel like you are walking in the sky or as if you are a bird. For this aerial VR experience, we utilize Drone attached with 360 degree camera which will also be displayed in this event.
2. Solar Eclipse
If you missed Solar Eclipse in March this year, you can be a witness of the astronomical event now. We visited Indonesia and successfully captured the event using 360 Degree camera.
3. Trip to Japan
We will invite you a virtual tour to Japan. You will feel like you are in Japan and enjoy yourself surrounded by nature, historical buildings and food in early summer of Japan.

3d Printing using Kossel Printers Booth.

A Display of different types of 3d printers, printing live.

3d printing using kossel printers

Computational Thinkerer Workshop. Booth.

Computational Thinkerer is a mash-up of computational thinking and tinkering. Computational Thinking is increasingly called the fourth R, in tandem with the current 3R (Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic). Experience CT through a series of FUN tinkering activities, including: (a) Bill Gates and Pancake Flipping, (b) Reading your Mind with MatheMAGIC, and (c) Finding your Flip Magic.

Evolution Innovation Laboratory Booth.

We are an innovation research laboratory from NUS that builds soft wearable robots that can provide robot-assisted exercises to patients. These robots are powered by our bio-inspired soft actuators, which can be pneumatically activated to provide assistive force to help the patients in therapy movements and daily functional tasks.

IDA labs Booth.

Nullspace Robotics

IDA labs Booth.

open Bio

IDA labs Booth.


HackerspaceSG Booth.

Hackerspace.SG is Singapore’s very own Hackerspace. There are hundreds of such hackerspaces around the world, where people with common interests in computers, technology, science, digital and electronic art, come together to meet, socialise and collaborate. Built by and for geeks, nerds, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs, Hackerspace.SG is the Singapore hacker community’s home, living room and laboratory. We have several makers exhibiting at Maker Faire this year:

– Adrian Ke Chongyang: The Titanmaker is a work-in-progress fused deposition method (FDM) 3D printer using open source software and off the shelf parts to allow a reliable, easy to use, large build volume device at an economical price, with capability for water-soluble supports to allow for printing arbitrary shapes.

– Royce Ng: Royce is fascinated with science and technology, especially in the field of telecommunications. He’ll be showing off long-distance communication with amateur radio.

– Roland Turner: Roland wants to live in a world where creating technology is seen as a form of recreation and expression, as well as a way to make a living. He’ll be showing off amateur satellite communication.

Puzzles Community Booth.

Cubewerkz together with some of the puzzle designers in Singapore will showcase some 3D Printed puzzles and Burr Puzzles. Some of the puzzle designers are well respected in the industry and have won awards in the International Puzzle Party. There will be some commercial puzzles for purchase. Some of the 3D printed puzzles has been mass produced by Cubewerkz such as the Eitan’s Twisted Cubes.

Wilson Chin Booth.

3D printed prosthetic hand for exhibit, and also various items 3d printed with exotic materials. Various artistic items and props will be on sale. I will also be showcasing some of my own 3d printed designs and hobbies.

Cytron Technologies Booth.

Besides Robot. Head to Toe parts, we also provide agile manufacturing service. We would like to showcase our capabilities in helping makers to run production. We will bring our PCB panel from production floor, show the manufacturing and assembly process. Currently we provide the manufacturing service to several maker groups. One of them is ESPert from Singapore, we manufacture the ESPresso Lite V2.0. Welcome to our booth!

Chibitronics PTE LTD Workshop. Booth.

Circuit Stickers are electronic stickers that you can use to build glowing, sensing, and interactive projects without any complicated equipment or programming skills. All you need is your imagination. Use them to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky’s the limit! Building circuits with them is fun and easy – just stick them onto a surface like you would with a normal sticker, and build up a circuit by sticking several stickers together and adding a battery. They’re an approachable way to learn and create electronics through craft, whether you’re just starting out with circuits or creating complex interactive artworks. At our exhibit, we will hold workshops to introduce new users to building with circuit stickers. All materials will be provided free of charge, and participants can take home their very own electronic greeting card. All ages welcome, you are never too old to light up a new idea. Enrollment limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.


MakeDoNia MakerSpace Booth.

Exhibiting the activities of makers community in Indonesia through projects that have been developed by community members, photo or multimedia presentations.


HOME : IoT on homes. Remote control, surveillance and automation.Booth.

With Singapore initiative towards Smart Nation, our home is definitely the first thing we want to connect with. HOME allows the homeowner to connect to the system through a secure channel. It acts as an intruder detection and surveillance system, able to detect movements, capture the image and video of the intruder and send an email notification with the intruder image to the owner. The owner can remotely connect to the system to view the live video feed of what is happening at home.

HOME also allows the owner to remotely control the lightings and appliances. Lights and appliances can be setup to switch on or off base on reading from sensors or schedule. While travelling, HOME enables owners to water their flowers and plants or feed their fishes in the Aquarium.


Area 51 Tech Shop Booth.

Lean pipe joints for easy construction of furniture, bike trailer, workstation, shelving, etc. Easy installation & parts can be re-used. No welding required.

Area 51 Tech

Seeed Booth.

Seeed is a hardware innovation platform for makers to grow inspirations into differentiating products. By working closely with technology providers of all scale, Seeed provides accessible technologies with quality, speed and supply chain knowledge. When prototypes are ready to iterate, Seeed helps productize 1 to 1,000 pcs using in-house engineering, supply chain management and agile manufacture forces. Seeed also team up with incubators, China tech ecosystem, investors and distribution channels to portal Maker startups beyond.

The Keys Edge Workshop. Booth.

The Keys Edge offers a unique technology learning pathway for kids aged 4 and up, taking students from tinker to entrepreneur. We teach  computational concepts in a hands-on, engaging and fun way, whether it’s 3D printing, robotics or coding. Moreover, we offer a “mini-MBA” programme for kids based on the the principles of our Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati. Our mini-MBA introduces young students to the basics of business, leadership and communication they will need to run a start-up.

the keys edge

Do it yourself Booth.

A home made laser engraver. Allows you to engrave your favorite design/logo onto anything you want.

We have pieces of wood, or cardboard or plastic. Software allows you to design your own logo, or draw on a piece of paper and scan it into the system to be processed.

Demonstrates the ability to automate processes to give professional results.

The participants can bring home free designs that was printed on the spot. Non-profit, just for funs and education.

Homio Booth.

We would like to display our latest creation which is IoT and home security. Flexible to be installed by anyone and low cost. There is app for Android and iOS. We will bring sample for sales too.

Just Fly It Pte Ltd Booth.

Just Fly It (JFI) was founded with an aim to spark aviation interest in students through model aircrafts. Model aircrafts are a replica of real aircrafts, and is a foundational platform where students can learn how planes are designed and the flight concepts involved. It offers elective modules, science enrichment programmes and CCA trainings for Primary and Secondary schools and also public workshops during holiday periods too.

Just Fly It conducts unpowered glider, control line, radio control, drones workshops. We have experienced trainers who are very passionate and structured curriculum to ensure all planes built by the students will be capable of flight. We welcome all who are interested to stretch beyond the sky limits with us!
just fly it

Gimbal bros.(TaklingDrone project) Booth.

We are making various type of gimbal cameras (and some other devices) for drone, animals, monitoring, and etc.
In this Maker Fair, we’ll show interesting demos for drone enthusiast or bio logger enthusiast that using FPV goggle w/ head-tracking. Plus, we’ll sell small amount of original mini gimbals for drone at site.