Annikken Pte Ltd (Booth)

Annikken Andee is an Arduino shield that allows you to create a graphical user interface on the smartphone (iOS and Android) by simply by coding in Arduino IDE. No App programming is required by the user. Customise the layout with multiple on-screen buttons, sliders, keyboard input and many more. Control your Arduino projects wirelessly with your smartphone.

We’ll be showcasing Apple Watch integration with Arduino using Annikken Andee, our popular smartphone controlled tanks with missile launcher (Andee Battle Tank) and various Annikken Andee + Arduino projects.



Tertiary Infotech Pte Ltd (Booth)

Robotics and 3D printing products.

Startmaking Asia (Booth)

A showcase of IoT technology

Intel Mobile Telecommunications (Booth, Workshop, Presentation)

Intel provides an identity for local Maker Faire community events under the theme “What Will You Make?” , in order to establish Maker Families in Singapore and have a very strong education angle around it with Science, Technology, Engineering and Art as the main topics to get kids and parents excited. In the Intel booth, enthusiasts, tinkerers, hobbyists, entrepreneurs and SMEs will be enthused with variety of IA based demonstrations using Galileo and Edison developers kit. There will also be Tech talks and Maker workshop for serious makers


ITE College East (Booth)

“Arduino Club and MACE was formed by a group of  ITE students with interest in Electronics and Technology. Together with Lecturers, we developed various projects revolving around mobile devices. One of our first projects include hacking of RC Cars and controlling them with mobile phones. Subsequently, we built our own robots, equip them with weapon systems (catapults) and even built a battlefield to face off.

As our interest and knowledge in electronics and computer programming widen, we started developing mobile applications and mobile games. These include educational games for children and even Augmented Reality applications! We have also developed several Electronics projects, including projects for the “Assistive, Rehabilitative & Therapeutic Technology” competition jointly organised by the Singapore Therapeutic, Assistive and Rehabilitation Technologies Centre and the Centre for Enabled Learning . .So visit us at our booth at Makers Fair, and we’ll gladly share with you the various projects we have done.

 IDA Labs (Booth)

IDA Labs logo (2)

Project showcase of tech startups and projects from IDAlabs in Singapore including ahe spherical robot, gesture control drone, obstacle avoidance drone, leap motion robotic arm, arduino hexapod and open cv head robot tank. Learn programming and robotics with Moway and Robolink and learn about Engineering outreach work that is done by Engineers without borders.

Appbition, NUS, NUH (Booth)

Orchard Star is a series of mobile action and quiz games designed for physical rehabilitation. People who suffer from frozen shoulder will benefit from playing Orchard Star. With our smart wearable device, players can exercise and play anywhere they want and their exercise data recorded by the device are safely kept to monitor recovery progress. Orchard Star not only has entertainment value but it also helps players recover sooner.

 NTUC LearningHub Pte Ltd (Booth)

Demonstration of programming drones

HackerspaceSG (Booth)

Built by and for geeks, nerds, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs, Hackerspace.SG is the Singapore hacker community’s home, living room and laboratory. Come over to the HackerspaceSG booth to see the wierd, wacky projects that the geeks and DIY Tech people in Singapore have come up with, includes the Singapore DIY bio group, webconverger motion sensing activated kiosk and  DIY custom delta 3D printer.


Robosoft group (Booth)

It is having an intelligent ROBOT which is 4*4 wheel drive. it has too many has auto parking system , accident detection system with gps, voice recognition, talking in different languages, line follower, edge avoider, wall avoider, motion sensor, fire and temperature sensor and many more with lots of cool stuff……. and other electonics projects.

Ilan Asqolani  –SMART Lab – Motorcycle Security Kit and DIY drum (Booth)

Motorcycle Security Kit is a Making product as an outcome of the SMART Lab Program, a university partnership program between USAID and Sampoerna University, designed and created by a student from SMAN 10 Malang. This kit is mainly utilized to avoid motorcycle from stealing. DIY Drum is another version of electric drum which is affordable as an outcome of the SMART Lab program, a university partnership program between USAID and Sampoerna University. This drum is made of recycled materials.

 Step by step technology education sdn bhd (Booth)

We are running robotic program to younger kids from 5-16 years old. Our intention is to make every single kids have chance to pick up the robotic knowledge and create interest in STEM

Effectual Devices LLP (Booth)

Robotics, Electronics, Prototyping, 3D Printing, STEM Enrichment programs for children and students.

Effectual Devices

Masakazu Takasu – Nico-Tech (Booth, Presentation)

We are fab-geeks / makers / tech-enthusiasts community from Japan. We don’t just read or write science fiction, we do science fiction


National Instruments – Lab view (Booth, Workshop)

NI projects showcase – come play air hockey with NI myRIO.

NI Labview

Saad Caffeine (Booth)

Take a selfie* with the ButtActivited Selfie Booth. It’s an Ikea-Hack with cardboard, duct tape and many many cable-ties featuring “the-worlds-most-energy-effectient-high-resolution-analog-selfie-screen”, this booth lets you selfie with a touch of a butt at the count of 3. Beware; photo-bombings are highly encouraged in the selfie booth!

Designed using Ikea parts and open-source electronics (RaspberryPI), it’s simple enough with just one look at the “behind the screen” (literally) and you can see how to make one yourself.

*All selfies will be Instagrammed by the booth itself @SelfieBoothSG

Saad Chinoy

Dream Catcher Technologies Pte Ltd (Booth)

DIY Kits, Arduino Starter Kit for young adults using “C” and Scratchbot. Technical training courses, programming courses and education courseware.


Robot R Us (Booth)

We want to exhibit a wide range of robotic products targeted at hobbyist and hackers. We will also showcase some Arduino products.

Robots R Us

Yan Teo-Maya (Booth, Workshop)

Robotics is, above all, a means to learn. With robotics, children enhance their creativity, visual logic and social skills for teamwork. To help them build their own robots through 3d printing and learn the operation of electronics and programming in a fun way.

Our robotica kit set is 100% electronic, 100% safe. Children learn to assemble the 3d printed pieces or even design their own version of robot to be fitted in the electronics components.

yan Teo Maya

Yu Jia Ze (Booth)

Arduino Yun and MPU9150 walkthrough: a documentation of the process of implementation of MPU 9150 in Arduino Yun to create interesting applications such as self balancing two wheeled robot and human computer interactions.


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